Callie & Son

It’s the story of a woman’s life, from obsure and humble beginnings to her rise to power as the wife of a newspaper mogul, who dies leaving her and the son she thought she’d lost in a position of considerable power.

Set mostly in Texas, it starts in the early 50s with the Korean War as backdrop, chronicles the Kennedy assassinations through to civil rights, Vietnam and the 70s.

Callie and Son is the emotional story of a mother’s love that knows no bounds. At a time and place when falling pregnant while young and unmarried was an unspeakable act, Callie (Lindsay Wagner) finds her son ripped from her just moments after his birth. This traumatic experience sets into motion a series of events that will lead Callie away from her back-water home to a reunion with her son and the very height of Texan society – but at what price? Finding happiness with a millionaire newspaper owner, Callie ensures that her son’s future is secure and that she is the only love in his life. That is until her son Randy (Jameson Parker) falls for the beautiful Sue Lynn (Michelle Pfeiffer).

How far will a mother go to keep the love of her son?

Callie & Son

Jameson Parker and Michelle Pfeiffer portray a couple whose happiness is threatened twice in the three-hour movie "Callie and Son" at 7 p.m. Tuesday on channels 5 and 13. Born illegitimately, the husband is struggling against the obsessive love of his mother. His wife is hiding a clouded past. Thomas Thompson's rags-to- riches story stars Lindsay Wagner as a young girl whose 30-year climb to wealth and power is overshadowed by her love for her son.

Movie Details


Year of Production





142 min



Original Aired

October 13, 1981 (USA)


CBS Television




Lindsay Wagner

Callie Bordeaux

Jameson Parker

Randy Bordeaux

Dabney Coleman

Randall Bordeaux

Joy Garrett


Michelle Pfeiffer

Sue Lynn Bordeaux

James Sloyan

Bubba Wrench

John Harkins

Arthur Cotham

Andrew Prine

Kimball Smythe

Richard McKenzie


Macon McCalman


Ed Call

Willie Chips

James Calvert

Randy, 12 Years Old

Dawn Jeffory


Katherine De Hetre


Hugh Gillin

Senator Houseman





Waris Hussein


Thomas Thompson


Rosilyn Heller


Gary Credle

Executive producer

Peter Nelson
Arnold H. Orgolini

Supervising producer

Ron Samuels

Original Music

Billy Goldenberg

Director of Photography

Dennis Dalzell

Production Designer

J. Michael Riva

Costume Desiger

Bill Thomas

Film Editor

Ronald J. Fagan


Toni Howard
Lynn Stalmaster



Production Companies

City Films
Motown Productions


Filming Locations


Chillicothe, Texas, USA
San Antonio, Texas, USA


Release Dates



October 13, 1981


International Titles


Original Title – USA

Callie & Son


Callie and Son


Callie y su hijo

Video Edition – USA

Rags to Riches