The Family


The Cast

Fred – Robert De Niro
Maggi – Michelle Pfeiffer
Stansfield –  Tommy Lee Jones
Belle – Dianna Agron
Warren – John D’Leo

The Staff

Directed – by Luc Besson
Director of Photography: – Thierry Arbogast
Producer – Virginie Besson-Silla
Producer – Ryan Kavanaugh
Executive Producer: – Martin Scorsese
Screenplay, Story – Luc Besson, Tonino Benacquista
Production Design Hugues Tissandier
Editing: – Julien Rey
Music – Evgueni Galperine


He was one of the most powerful men in the USA: Fred (Robert De Niro), once Dreaded godfather in New York, has a whole series through his statements influential mafiosi put behind bars. He now lives with his wife Maggi (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their two children Belle (Dianna Agron) and Warren (John D’Leo) in the witness protection program in Normandy – under the watchful eye the tough FBI agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones). The goal is to to behave inconspicuously and stay under the radar under all circumstances – Not that easy, because Fred’s short temper tends to get away with him. And then these French people – how can you keep calm?! The Culture shock runs deep. And so it’s only a matter of time before the mafia takes over The family is taken back in and several killers come to the tranquil village sends. However, they didn’t count on this family’s determination…


It’s going to be a grudgeful cinema festival! And if a mafia in alien facets can, then it’s Hollywood’s acting legend Robert De Niro (“Good FeIlas — Three Decades in the Mafia”, “The Untouchables”, “Pure It’s a matter of nerves”). Together with their equally outstanding colleagues Michelle Pfeiffer (“Dark Shadows”, “Happy New Year”), Tommy Lee Jones (“Men in Black 3”, “No Country for Old Men”) and Dianna Agron (“I’m Nunnnner Four”,”Glee”), he stirs up the French provinces so much that you feel like you’re America would never have been discovered. Directed by Luc Besson (“The Fifth Element”, “Leon – The Professional”) and by the producers of “96 Hours – Taken 2” this fast-paced action comedy comes to the big screen. None other than as Oscar® winner Martin Scorsese (“The Departed”, “Gangs of New Year”) York”) serves as executive producer. The French bestselling author and Ésar Prize winner Tonino Benacquista (“The Wild Beat of My Heart”) the clever and black-and-white novel.