The Hollywood Knights” soundtrack album, released by Casablanca Records, is a compilation of some of the biggest all-time hits from one of the most joyous eras in American music the 1960’s.

The Soundtrack album is a faithful representation of the musical stylings of that era. The motion picture is set in 1965.

The album also utilizes the talents of one of today’s top Casablanca recording acts, Brooklyn Dreams, who wrote and perform the title track. The perfect three-part harmony of Brooklyn Dreams (Bruce Sudan°, Joe Esposito and Eddie Hokenson), is a welcome to a Sixties past and succeeds in capturing the enthusiasm as well as the intricacies of that period’s music. The tune “Hollywood Knights” was produced by Kenny Vance, an ex-member of the very popular Sixties’ group Jay & The Americans. The movie score and soundtrack album were impressively collated into one single work by Rick Eaker.

Eaker is a music historian and expert on period music and its application to films. Recently he was music consultant and coordinator on the hit films “American Hot Wax” and “Animal House.”