Falling In Love Again


Today’s Los Angeles: Inside the Unsuccessful Architect’s MarriageHARRY LEWIS (Elliot Gould) with his wife SUE (Susannah York) there is a crisis.

A trip to New York brings variety to everyday married life his childhood friends. On the trip in the car with his wife and let HARRY review the past with these children.

New York 1940: The pranks of his youth in the Bronx, the first Kiss, the first love adventure and the fight for his Childhood love SUE (Michelle Pfeiffer) against her parents’ wishes.

The trip becomes a second honeymoon. HARRY and SUE experienced that the old dreams remained forever young and also New happiness for two never come.


For most people, the Bronx in New York is a borough of the they would most like to escape. For HARRY LEWIS (Elliot Gould), a father in his forties, appears Bronx like the lost Shangri-La of his youthful dreams, and he is excited to return, and his memories of the
to refresh the best oiler worlds, even if it’s just for a few days is at a meeting with his childhood friends.

All preparations for this dream trip across the United States from Los Angeles to New York are by SUE (Susannah York) were met,that beautiful little girl, that HARRY married at the beginning of World War II, but they both did were still young and the Bronx was their home. She’s on the trip planned with the same energy and precision,with which she her runs a successful textile business. With HARRY you are missing these qualities. He’s still working on a career as a great architect.

When the day of departure comes, they leave Los Angeles Heading for New York with the conviction that nights will go wrong can. But strictly according to “Murphy’s Law”,that says that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. During the trip, HARRY is literally followed by semen Memories of his youth in New York, his first meeting with SUE, their first year together and the innocent ones Illusions to which they gave themselves and which never came true have. Even back then he wanted to become a great architect. And why is nobody still designing house plans today? want to build?

HARRY draws more and more from the memories of the past reality of today. And more and more he feels like one A failure and he is tormented by the suspicion that his wife considers him to be one too sees such.

SUE was HARRY’S dream woman. She comes from a rich family, he from one poor. She’s a beauty, he’s more of an everyday look that they already belong to a fast student with a sports car was promised didn’t stop him from courting her an imagination and persistence that made him a winner allowed to emerge.

When they finally arrive in New York she has had enough of HARRY’s romanticized descriptions of the past. In her opinion he has already lived in the past for too long. At the hotel
When HARRY arrives he wants to go for a stroll straight away. She would like to I would much rather take a shower, rest and spend the evening with the children spend.

So a grumpy HARRY orders a taxi to the East alone Bronx. Nothing in the old neighborhood is the same anymore. The area no longer has any of its charm and is totally run down. HARRY wanders around on foot and as He feels somehow that a beautiful redhead turns him on flattered, and agrees with her.

SUE soon begins to worry about where HARRY is going. She follows his footsteps into the Bronx and is shocked when she sees him in the company of others. She returns home and When HARRY comes home, an unavoidable argument breaks out. As a result of the rift, she refuses to see HARRY on the day to accompany him to his meeting with his childhood friends. It is his A trip into the past that she doesn’t want to share with him. All of his old gang have gathered at the restaurant except COMO, who died in the war, and CON, who died in Switzerland in prison. They’ve all changed, just them Shared memories are still fresh, which are also intense is initiated.

SUE, who was left alone, has her opportunity to pursue thoughts. She watches her children and suddenly she is seized by a change of mood and she sees HARRY in front of him who still wants to prove that beautiful things are enough girl didn’t take him for free. And she recognizes that HARRY is still able to dream and build a future.

She goes to the restaurant and arrives at the moment as HARRY He is currently raving about his wife to his friends. Only then does he notice SUE. When a friend asks HARRY why he Because no one could become an architect, HARRY went away with it the answer that he had discovered a long time ago that he… Has too little talent, but never had the courage to SUE to tell the truth for fear she would misunderstand him.

Later, when the meeting comes to an end, you see HARRY and SUE sitting hand in hand in a night cafe and a new one plan a future together.


ELLIOT GOULD (Harry Lewis)

After beginning his Broadway career, Elliot Gould arrived in 1968 to Hollywood to… Lead role of Bill Minsky in “THE NIGHT WHEN MINSKY FLEW UP”. Already his second film “BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE” made him a star, and with the role of Trapper John in “M*A*S*H” became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

This was followed by “GETTING STRAIGHT”, “I LOVE MY WIFE”, “KLEINE MURDER”. and “THE TOUCH”, Ingmar Berman’s first English language Movie. After that it went steeply downhill. Physical problems left Elliot played the role in the Warner Brothers film “A GLIMPSE OF THE TIGER” whiz. The producers began their offers to move back because it was too risky for them to make a film with him until Robert Altman gave him the role of Philip in 1973 Marlowe in “THE LONG GOODBYE” transfer. Only then did it work uphill again. This was followed by “CALIFORNIA SPLIT”, “AND TOMORROW WILL A THING SHOT”, Altman’s “NASHVILLE”, “COMPANY CAPRICORN” and “SILENT PARTNERS”.

Elliot Gould was born on August 29, 1938 in Brooklyn, New York born. He studied drama and ballet and had his Broadway Debut in the musical comedy “RUMPLE”. More bean rolls followed. While working on the musical “I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE” began a romance with an unknown side actress named Barbra Streisand. They married in 1963 both. The divorce was in 1968. A boy come from this marriage their son Jason. Gould has two other children, Sam and Molly from his marriage to Jennie Bogart, whom he married twice.


Time and time again, the dream of Hollywood becomes a dream for a little girl rue. Michelle is one of them. The ex-cashier in one Supermarket, court reporter and Miss Orange County I’ve been working towards this moment for a year until it comes through
the female lead role of police agent Samantha Jensen in the ABC production “B.A.D. CATS” came true

She wanted to be an actress since she was in high school become. But first came a contract with an agency for Commercials after she got noticed in a beauty pageant was. Today she regrets not being consistent from the age of 17  to have continued acting lessons. So she had to learned quickly when the first bigger roles came. With her life has changed after stardom, and you can see that she is ready to do something about it. She is a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs and practices yoga. She is a regular guest at the gym.


Susannah York was born in London. She began filming in 1960 and can look forward to a considerable number of outstanding film roles refer. Particularly worthy of mention are: “TOM JONES – BETWEEN BED AND GALLOWS”, “ONLY HORSES ARE GIVEN THE GRACE SHOT” – Oscar Nomination, “SUPERMAN”

STEVEN PAUL (writer, director and producer)

Steven Paul started in show business at the tender age of 7 with an appearance in an advertising film.

Steven is a kind of American prodigy. Since he was 12 He has been writing, producing and directing for the past year. He started with “OLIVER” at his school in Westchester. During his appearance on Broadway in “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WANDA JUNE,” he wrote his
first evening piece “THE PIPSQUEAKS”, about which in several Magazines including NEW YORKER and in a talk show his appearance was reported. Steven writes about his success his intensive preoccupation with his own video camera,his own lighting system and his own cutting table, which he acquired at the age of 13. He later studied editing technology at the Visual Arts School in New York. His theater training he received from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

In 1976, on his 18th birthday, he bought the film rights to Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s book “SLAPSTICK”, and so could Vonnegut Obertalken himself to write the script for what is still ahead of him no one had succeeded. Steven also brought the funds
financing of the project. At 19 he was writing and financing “FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN”. In 1979 he made the film in which he also directs himself.


Categories: Drama

Running time approx. 95 minutes.

Year of manufacture 1981

Manufacturing country USA


Harry Lewis …….. . . . . .. Elliot Gould
Sue Lewis ………. . . . .. . Susannah York

Mrs, Lewis – (1940) Kaye Ballard
“Pompadoure” – (1940) Stuart Paul
Sue Wellington – (1940)  Michelle Pfeiffer
Mr. Lewis –  (1940) Robert Hackman

Cheryl Herman –  (goods seller) Cathy Tolbert
Alan Childs – Todd Hepler
Mr. Wellington – (1940) Herbert Rudley
Mrs. Wellington –  (1940) Marion McCargo
Stan “The Con” –  Steven Paul
Idiot – John Miranda
Hooker – Talie Cochrane
Pat “The Cop” – Patrick Wright
Hilary – Lewis Bonnie Paul
Donny Lewis – Tony O’Dell
Meatloaf – Pete Schrum
Cabbie – Ben Frank
Como  – Marvin Katzoff
Max “The Brain” –  Alan Solomon
Idiot (Jung) – Anthony Caserteno
Meatloaf (Jung) – Dan Davies
Eddie – Thomas J. Raffaele
Beaver –  John Diehl

Cinematography by Michael John Mileham, Dick Bush, Wolf Suschitzky

Casting – Dorothy Koster Paul

Editing – Bud Smith, Douglas Jackson, Jacquelin Cambas

Music – Michel Legrand

Story – Steven Paul,Hank Paul

Screenplay – Steven Paul, Ted Allan, Susannah York

Production Assistance – Dan Murphy, Dorothy Koster Paul

Co – Producer – Patrick Wright

Executive Producer – Hank Paul

Director & Producer – Steven Paul