Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is a 2003 animated swashbuckling fantasy comedy drama film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures, using traditional animation with some computer animation. It covers the story of Sinbad, a pirate who travels the sea to recover the lost Book of Peace from Eris in order to save his childhood friend, Prince Proteus, from accepting Sinbad’s death sentence.

A pirate named Sinbad and his crew are chasing after a ship carrying the legendary Book of Peace, a mysterious artifact that protects the land from chaos to Syracuse, which he plans to steal and hold for ransom. He runs into his old friend Prince Proteus who is guarding it, despite this, he still plans to steal the book, until Cetus attacks the ship. Sinbad kills the monster but is dragged under water by one of its tentacles. He is saved by Eris, the Greek goddess of discord (chaos, disharmony, bad luck, evil, despair, unhappiness…), who makes a deal with him: in exchange for stealing and giving her the Book of Peace, she will give him whatever he wants if he comes to Tartarus, her realm of chaos, saying “follow that star beyond the horizon.” Sinbad and his crew arrive at the palace and plan to steal the book, but Sinbad calls it off after he meets Proteus’ fiancée Marina. Knowing that Sinbad himself won’t do it, Eris disguises herself as him and steals the book, leaving his knife as evidence. Sinbad is imprisoned; he tries to explain that Eris framed him after he decided not to steal the book, but they don’t believe him and he is sentenced to death. Proteus, however, does believe him and makes an offer, allowing Sinbad to go to Tartarus and get the book back, but if Sinbad doesn’t return within 10 days, Proteus will be executed in his place. The court accepts and Sinbad is freed. Knowing that the king won’t let his only son die, Sinbad decides to head for Fiji. However, Marina, Proteus’ fiancée, has stowed away to make sure that Sinbad goes after the book. She convinces him and he changes course for Tartarus.

Sinbad is at first annoyed by Marina’s presence, saying that a ship is no place for a woman, and constantly having to argue with her. Eris sends sirens to stop Sinbad, and the men of the crew fall under their spell. Marina and the ship’s dog Spike keep their senses and save everyone. This wins Marina the trust of the rest of the crew, while Sinbad, not wanting to admit that he’s wrong, only pays attention to the damage to his ship. The crew looks for wood on an island, only to find that the island is actually an impossibly gigantic angler fish-like creature. After narrowly escaping, they hitch a ride on the fish’s tail, but cut it loose after a day, as almost everyone is sick from the ride. As the crew passes through the ruins of an ancient city, their ship and the water are frozen in place by Eris; when they try to break up the ice they are attacked by another impossibly enormous creature, this time a huge white bird; the Roc. While trying to rescue a crewman, Marina is captured by it and taken to the top of a frozen tower. Sinbad climbs up the side of the tower to rescue her. Sinbad gets to the top but he and Marina are found by the Roc and have to slide down a slope on Sinbad’s shield. They are chased by the Roc through the ruins, causing the buildings to topple over. The Roc is crushed by the falling ice and stone. Sinbad and Marina get back to the ship, landing on the ship’s sails. The falling ruins break the ice as well, allowing them to move further.

As times goes on, Sinbad starts to accept Marina and they both start to have feelings for each other. The crew makes it to the entrance of Tartarus, but they are stopped short by “The edge of the World”, a huge gap where the world ends leaving the gate floating in mid air. Sinbad has his crew set the sails so that they will catch the wind flowing up from the rift and fly; it works and the ship flies to Tartarus. Marina and Sinbad go through the gates alone and enter Tartarus, there they meet Eris, who reveals that her real plan wasn’t to steal the book but rather to rob Syracuse of Proteus, its next true Heir to the throne causing mass chaos once his father dies. Eris agrees to surrender the Book if Sinbad truthfully answers this question: ‘if he cannot gain possession of the Book, will he fulfill his promise and return to die in his friend’s place?’. Sinbad says he will return, but Eris accuses him of lying and sends him and Marina back to Earth without the Book. Sinbad admits to Marina that he was lying and that he did not intend to keep his word and die, even to save the life of his friend. Marina begs him to flee, hoping to return by herself to Syracuse and somehow save both Proteus and Sinbad. Sinbad nevertheless travels back to Syracuse, just as Proteus is about to be executed. Having fulfilled his promise, Sinbad has saved Proteus from the brink of death, but since he failed to bring back the book, must face the death penalty himself. Before the executioner can kill him, Eris intervenes, furious at Sinbad for his decision. Sinbad quickly realizes that, despite doubting himself earlier, he has indeed kept his word to return to Syracuse and surrender his life for Proteus. He now fully understands that this was Eris’s test of honesty for him and that by returning as he had said he would, he had passed the test. Eris is furious, but she is an honorable goddess, so she keeps her promise by giving him the Book. Then she disappears, promising to find other places to destroy, whereupon Sinbad opens the Book, returning Syracuse to peace. Proteus turns to Sinbad, saying “For what it’s worth, I think the Council believes you now.” Later Sinbad leaves Syracuse to embark on another voyage, leaving Marina behind despite their burgeoning romance. Proteus realizes that Sinbad and Marina have fallen in love and bids Marina to go with Sinbad. She and Sinbad sail away, presumably to have more “adventures.”

This story takes the name Sinbad, the presence of a Roc, and the incident wherein Sinbad and his crew encounter an island that turns out to be the back of a gigantic sea beast from the One Thousand and One Nights; however, much of the setting is derived from Greek mythology, including the presence of monsters that also appear as constellations, a trip to Tartarus (to recover the Book), and an encounter with the Sirens. The plot scenario of Proteus taking Sinbad’s place is similar to the legend of Damon and Pythias. Throughout the film, Eris appears as a sadistic femme fatale who is constantly in sinuous motion. During the quest, Marina and Sinbad fall in love with each other.

Academy Award® nominee Brad Pitt (“Twelve Monkeys”), Academy Award® winner Catherine Zeta-Jones (“Chicago”), three-time

Oscar® nominee Michelle Pfeiffer (“Dangerous Liaisons;’ “The Fabulous Baker Boys;’ “Love Field”), Joseph Fiennes (“Shakespeare in Love”) and Dennis Haysbert (“Far From Heaven;’ TV’s “24”) lend their ‘voices to the animated action adventure “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.”

Sinbad (Brad Pitt), the most daring and notorious rogue ever to sail the seven seas, has spent his life asking for trouble, and trouble has finally answered .. .in a big way. Framed for stealing one of the world’s most priceless and powerful treasures-the Book of Peace-Sinbad has one chance to find and return the precious book or his best friend Proteus (Joseph Fiennes) will die. Sinbad decides not to take that chance and instead sets a course for the fun and sun of the Fiji Islands.

Not so fast.

Proteus’ beautiful betrothed, Marina (Catherine Zeta-Jones), has stowed away, determined to make sure that Sinbad fulfills his mission. Now the man who put the “bad” in Sinbad is about to find out how bad bad can be. It’s never a good thing when Eris, the goddess of chaos (Michelle Pfeiffer ), has it out for you, and Eris lives up to her name-dispatching both monstrous creatures and the elements to do battle with Sinbad along the way. There is even mutiny afoot-times four-when Sinbad’s loyal dog Spike switches allegiances. But those challenges don’t compare to one small but formidable woman named Marina.

“Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” is directed by Tim Johnson and Patrick Gilmore and produced by Mireille Soria (“Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (“Shrek”), from a screenplay by John Logan (“Gladiator”).

Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer,Joseph Fiennes and Dennis Haysbert are the lead voices in Dream Works Pictures’ animated action adventure Si11bad· Legend of the Seven Seas.

•!• Sinbad is directed by Tim Johnson (AntZ) and Patrick Gilmore and produced by Mireille Soria (Spirit: Sta!lion ef the Cimarrrm) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (Shrek), from a screenplay by John Logan ( G!adiato~.

•!• The score is composed by Harry Gregson-Williams (Shrek, Spy Game, Chicken Run).

•!• Over 550 artists, animators and technicians at Dream Works’ Glendale Animation Studio worked on the film for over three years.


The name Sinbad not only conjures up images and ideas of past representations of the various Arabian Nights tales told in film and literature, but it is a name that is synonymous with action and adventure. This original Sin bad tale was inspired Greek mythology, Sinbad myths as well as the classic story of friendship, Damon & Pythias.



Academy Award®-nominated actor Brad Pitt stars as Sinbad, the most daring and notorious rogue ever to sail the Seven Seas. Self-assured, unpredictable and often arrogant, he is a master thief whose sense of adventure has no limits. Supervising Animator Jakob Jensen led the team of animators who brought just the right attitude to our reluctant hero.


Academy Award®-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as Marina, the beautiful and gutsy Ambassador of Thrace, She is strong, idealistic and stubborn, with an impetuousness that often gets her in over her head. Supervising Animator William Salazar led the team of animators who brought just the right balance to this intriguing heroine.


Academy Award®-nominated actress Michelle Pfeiffer stars as Eris, the elegant yet moody Goddess of Chaos. A true diva, she can be exaggerated in her emotions and prone to outbursts, but always with a veneer of control. Supervising Animator Dan Wagner led the team of animators who made sure that Eris properly conveyed her villainous nature.


Joseph Fiennes plays Proteus, the noble and disciplined Prince of Syracuse. He is unassuming and good-natured, but with a bit of a daredevil side, and, when provoked, can display a fierce temper. Supervising Animator Rodolphe Guenoden oversaw the team of animators who brought just the right amount of dignity and mischievousness to this young prince.


Dennis Haysbert plays Kale, the first mate and navigator of Chimera, Sinbad’s ship. While he can make battling ten men look like a casual sport, Kale’s size and strength mask a studied and insightful intellect. Of all the crew, his loyalty to Sinbad is unquestionable. Supervising Animator Bruce Ferriz and his team of animators helped to bring both confidence and strength to this character.


Adriano Giannini gives voice to Rat, the skinny, monkey-like rigger of Sinbad’s crew. He is a skeptic who later proves to have a big heart. Supervising Animator Steve Horrocks led the team of animators who created all of Rat’s acrobatics and expressions in the film.


As much a key member of the crew as any man, Spike is a bull mastiff mix dog and Sinbad’s loyal companion-though he is capable of being charmed by a pretty face. Without speaking a word, Spike nearly steals the show with his loveably comedic antics, but he also demonstrates that he’s a sharp judge of character with a cunning instinct for sniffing out trouble. Supervising Animator Serguei Kouchnerov oversaw the team of animators who created all the right moves for this playful sidekick.


•!• Directed: Tim Johnson, Patrick Gilmore

•!• Produced by: Mireille Soria, Jeffrey Katzenberg •!• Associate Producer: Jill Hopper

•!• Screenplay by: John Logan

•!• Score Composed by: Harry Gregson-Williams •!• Production Designer: Raymond Zibach

•!• Art Directors: David James, Seth Engstrom •!• Supervising Editor: Tom Finan