“We lost, every single one of us. We lost friends. We have Family members of Verioren. We also lost ourselves to Tell. This beer s the fight of our lives. “
                             Steve Rogers / Captain America
No movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was by the fans and spectators expected with more excitement than AVENGERS: ENDGAME. It’s the 22nd movie, which the Marvel Studios bring to the cinemas. And it is the absolute pinnacle and Completing a story that was last published in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, the most successful film of the year 2018; in a devastating disaster.
The AVENGERS franchise has mastered an unprecedented journey on the screen and in the 11 years since joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe stations laid out, which span several galaxies. In the latest adventure from this Universe is at stake more than ever before: it comes to the most dumb Showdown between the Avengers and Thanos, the most powerful and most dangerous base weight of the universe. The history of AVENGERS:ENDGAME continues after the awful defeat of the Avengers em after Thanos, finally in possession of all infinity stones he desires, the whole Humanity had forced on its twisted and dumb Willen. this According to Thanos, he purposely erased half of the earth’s sustenance, including also many members of the Avengers team. After this unprecedented bursting The survivors Avengers see themselves with their greaten challengefaced. They measure the old resolution, the struggle againand find a way to destroy Thanos foreverbeat.
No superhero movie has fans and viewers so far more feigned as AVENGERS: ENDGAME. In this spectacular Superhero Summit Meetings are Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Don Cheadle as War Machine, Karen GiIlan asNebula, Danai Gurira as Okoye and Bradley Cooper as Rocket.
In addition, Gwyneth Paltrow returns as Pepper Potts, Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, Benedict Wong as Wong and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie on the Canvas back. And sometimes Josh Brolin is back in the game as well represents again the unscrupulous and mean Btisewicht Thanos
Directed by AVENGERS: ENDGAME honor Emmy award winners Anthony, and Joe Russo. The script was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Producer of the film is Kevin Feige, under the auspices of the producer Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo, Trinh Tran, Jon Favreau, JamesGunn and Stan Lee. Approached the creative team of Anthony and Joe Russo Cinematographer Trent Opaloch (AVENGES: INFINITY WAR, THE FIRST AVENGER:CIVIL WAR), production designer Charles Wood (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR,MATRIX), the cutter Jeffrey Ford (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, THE FIRSTAVENGER: CIVIL WAR) and Matthew Schmidt (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER) as well as the three Oscar nomineesCostume designer Judianna Makovsky (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, THE FIRSTAVENGER: CIVIL WAR). Visual effects are used for the visual effectsSupervisor Dan DeLeeuw (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAS, THE FIRST AVENGER:CIVIL WAR) and his colleague Dan Sudick (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, BLACKPANTHER), who has already been nominated nine times for the Oscar®has been. The creative team of the Russo brothers completes stunt coordinator MoniqueGanderton (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, ATOMIC BLONDE).
AVENGERS: ENDGAME is based on the Marvel comics that first conquered the comic book world in 1963, and continues the series of epic comic adventures that have thrilled fans since IRON MAN (“Iron Man”, 2008). This entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been followed so far by THE UNGLAUBLICHE HULK (“The Incredible Hulk”, 2008), IRON MAN 2 (Iron Man 2), 2010), THOR (“Thor”, 2011), CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (“Captain America: The First Avenger”, 2012), MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS (” Marvel’s The Avengers”, 2012), IRON MAN 3 (“Iron Man 3”, 2013), THOR – THE DARK KINGDOM (“Thor: The Dark World”, 2013), THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, 2014), GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, 2014), AVENGERS: AGE   OF ULTRON (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”, 2015), ANT-MAN (“Ant-Man”, 2015), THE FIRST AVENGER: CIVIL WAR (“Captain America: Civil War”, 2016), DOCTOR STRANGE (“Doctor Strange”, 2016), GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.   2 (“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING (“Spider- Man: Homecoming”, 2017), THOR: DAY OF THE DECISION (“Thor: Ragnarok”, 2017), BLACK PANTHER (“Black Panther”, 2018), ANT-MAN AND THE WASP (Ant-Man and the Wasp), 2018) and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.
The entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe began eleven years ago with IRON MAN, which opened in American cinemas on May 2, 2008. The film developed a real blockbuster worldwide, enthusiastic fans and the press alike. For years, IRON MAN was the foundation on which Marvel Studios empire was Built. This empire has been the subject of some of the most successful films of all time
expresses proximity or touch from the side.
In the 11 years that have passed since the screen debut of IRON MAN, the Marvel Studios released six films, the world’s top one billion each Dollars have recorded. Together, the now 21 event films by Marvel Spilled ’19 billion at the box office. In addition, the films were found
from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Over the years also the approval many critics and industry professionals. The preliminary highlights are Oscar® nominations Mr AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and, above all, BLACK PANTHER. Letterer’s world hit was the first superhero movie to ever head in the “Best  Film” category was nominated and received three Oscars® – in the categories “Costume”, “Production Design” and “Film Music.
At the end of April 2018, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR for em n global quake Box office. The film grossed 620 million worldwide on its opening weekend alone dollar emn, breaking all existing records. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR enthusiastic press and viewers alike mailed and put many more Records on. That’s how AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR was the most successful superhero Movie and with a grossing of 2.048 billion dollars also the Fourth most successful movie ever. In addition, the film prepared the fans with one Post-credit scene credits on CAPTAIN MARVEL before, on the first of a Super heroin born franchise in Marvel Cinematic Universe. CAPTAIN MARVEL conquered # 1 on the charts worldwide, played 455 on the start weekend Millions of dollars em in and reached today’s worldwide box office record of 1.037Billion dollars .
In February 2018, BLACK PANTHER developed into an imposing one Pop culture phenomenon as well as a veritable blockbuster. With 202 million Dollars at the American box office the film scored on the opening weekend fifth best result of old times. BLACK PANTHER has 1.34 worldwide Billions of dollars spent.
According to Louis D’Esposito, executive producer of many Marvel films and co-president The Marvel Studios explains the continued success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe partly from its adaptability to the Changes in the cultural zeitgeist. Another reason are the stories and Figures that form the foundation of these films and the diversity and inclusive Reflect the nature of our real world.”
We at Marvel have always tried to show characters in our films with which the normal viewer can identify with, “analyzes LouisD’Esposito. “In addition, we also have strong female characters in our films Black Widow starred in IRON MAN 2nd, ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter'(‘Agent Carter’) was our first superhero series worn by a woman has been. In ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, the female presence already manifests itself in the Title. And the overwhelming success of CAPTAIN MARVEL has now once and for all The misconception refutes that superhero films with female protagonists commercially less successful. “
“If we have interesting stories with women and men of all kinds Origin and upper all skin colors and religions can tell, then will we do that? “continues Louis D’Esposito.” Our World is characterized by diversity. We try to bring movies to the screen who show society the way it is in real life. Such movies the audience just like to see. We have that not least with BLACKPANTHER proved. Breaking existing barriers gives us a lot Satisfaction. For us there is no upper limit, we have this barrier Upper wounds. We’re excited about it, superheroes in the future show and explore a wide variety of origins. In AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR and AVENGERS: ENDGAME, viewers really canSee the diversity of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For every spectator is There is something in these films, and everything is here in a way with each other connected, which looks authentic and real. “
“As with all Marvel Studios projects, the comics deliver the dramaturgical Guideline, “adds Kevin Feige.” There is a reason for that Marvel Publishing House celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Because the Stories in the comics develop welter and change. And with you the characters in these stories – and in a masterly way and for decades.”
Producer Kevin Feige sums up what has been his since Start of work at Marvel in 2000 in the creative supervision Ciber Unfolding the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has brought great joy: “For meIt was and is a dream job. It seems to me that there is only a short span of time passed and not already 20 years. Because it was so grumpy, this one Bringing characters to life on screen with Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby and all the other draftsmen and authors who create these characters have to cater creatively. “
“Ultimately, everything depends on the people, on the team that we have here Marvel, to the actors, filmmakers and crewmembers. These Cooperation brings us the greatest joy. Bring movies of this order of the grail there is a certain amount of pressure, that’s the question. But in the end it comes that we can work together with grumpy people here, that we all have the common goal, the spectators something unique and To offer something special and their expectations to excel. “
Anthony and Joe Russo are among the most successful and respected Directors of the past decade. Stage with AVENGERS: ENDGAME t he bred her fourth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her second in the AVENGERS franchise. THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER, the first film, The Russos brought to the screen for the Marvel Studios was more creative Milestone and turning point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the guise of one Polite thriller and plump with emotionally intense
on sequences, defined the Film the character of Steve Rogers new. To the delight of critics and fans, THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER the franchise into the world of today andC hanged forever the creative direction and the narrative tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
With THE FIRST AVENGER: CIVIL WAR and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR brokethe filmmakers commercially set many records and at the same time inspired the critics.When it comes to veritable blockbusters, their stories and charactersworn and driven, the Russo brothers are the ultimate. YourFilms are characterized by deeply grounded and multi-layered figures – an enthralling oneMixture of heart, emotion, humor and overwhelming action sequences. There areEpic-format films that keep viewers on their toes.”Anthony and Joe Russo are real visionaries,” enthuses producer Kevin Feige.”They are courageous filmmakers with impeccable taste. They do not carefrom breaking existing boundaries, causing viewers of such filmsactually expect. You could see that in THE FIRST AVENGER: CIVIL WAR,also in THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER and certainly inAVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. And now they are delivering with AVENGERS: ENDGAMEAbsolute masterpiece from, I am Oberzeugt. “
“As storytellers, they are true artists,” says Feige continued. “They know exactly how they experience viewer expectations at the same time and can infiltrate and increasingly take on higher risks. they had the creative foresight and vision, the heroes in INFINITY WAR were so devastating failing to think and talk about it all over the world.It was a global cultural event. “
“I have had the privilege since THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER with Joe and Anthony and was also on board at CIVIL WAR, “looks back at the executive producer Trinh Tran. “The two were there for born to stage these two AVENGERS films because they love them Figures, they know by heart. They do their job with so much more Passion, they love the Marvel Cinematic Universe with all their heart – and you can see that on the screen too. ENDGAME is the most elaborate and greigte Film the Marvel Studios ever produced, it’s a supernatural epic. And not withstanding this huge numbered format, the Russo brothers have these characters really understood to the core, have the film with emotions, heart, Humor and masterly pervasive competence permeated. In their field they are simply the best. They are extremely talented and understand each other masterfully putting all these figures and storylines into one story integrate that looks like a one-stop shop.
“For the actors, the cooperation with the Russo brothers was a very positive, creative coexistence experience. “Anthony and Joe Russo are die-hard movie lovers, know so much about movies and movie history “,Chris Evans is thrilled. “Her staging style is narrow with this knowledge because as they refer to aspects in other films, I still have seen with no other director. You immediately understand what they are in a scenetry to mediate. Beyond that, they are very agreeable and likeable. Their attitude and way of doing create one on the set certain ease. This gives everyone the feeling of being on a set is really desirable for creative cooperation. “
“They are so committed to these characters,” Karen GilIan adds Nebula depicts – a character who takes her to Marvel in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Cinematic Universe introduced. “I can not understand Chief, like the two mentally (* kerblick on the dramaturgical developments of so many characters can keep. In developing the story, they are for every creative Contribution of others open. They bring themselves into this work with great readiness ,because they are those moments in which the characters show facets of their personality ,love and care. And of those moments there are many in this movie, well the Give Russos enough creative freedom and invest time accordingly, to develop them together with the actors. “
For the highly acclaimed directors was the collaboration with producer Kevin Fig an invaluable valuable experience. “Kevin is brilliant,” Joe says Frusso. “He is a prolific producer and em creative rebel by pure willpower that has reinvented storytelling – with worldwide Effects. Every atom in the production of the most successful film series of all He co-developed times, co-designed and supervised. With AVENGERS: ENDGAME He brings the first phase of his critically acclaimed dramaturgical experiment, the Over a period of more than 10 years, to the conclusion. “
Viewers around the world reacted enthusiastically to the peak of a decade Process of creative filmmaking. The result was that worldwide most successful start weekend of all time, the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR FOR could book. All box office records that broke this movie were for Screenwriter Stephen McFeely received a great deal of recognition for the many years of hard work Work he had done in developing the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
That was one of the highlights of my career and a great triumph,” resOrniert McFeely. “For a minute, before ROhrung, I was speechless and very emotional, then I danced around in my bedroom. On this [start] weekend went We went to different cinemas and watched the movie with a normal one Audience. I was so euphoric when I heard when leaving the cinema, like the People quoted dialogues from the movie. It was also a very surreal one Experience when the movie became part of pop culture zeitgeist and Oberall Ober demand his ending was spoken.
“And if we already talk about this end..
With the end of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, the Russo-brothers went out of their way unconventional ways. They created a final moment, the Overall for talked about. The reasons for this are explained by the executive producer Louis D’Esposito: “How often does it happen in this genre that the Bosewicht does that is a resounding triumph, which, at the end of the day, took the half of all involved Superheroes and creatures in the universe cost a living? We were the nun settled and thought that the audience would be indignant over it. The Whole was associated with a great pros and cons, because some spectators hated this end and loved it at the same time. However one responded, There was one common denominator: every spectator was real emotionally berated. Here we have a completely new way of telling things taken. The Bosewicht triumphs. The Gentiles are losing. And how are you now welter? “
“At the premiere of INFINITY WAR, someone told me a story of one Companion tells, who burst into tears at the end of the film, “Kevin Feige looks zurCick. “And first of all, this person wondered, ‘Why are you kidding me like that? ‘Embarrassment?’ But then the person saw each other and realized that everybody was crying .I’m a movie fan myself, so from my own experience that one, ifyou are really emotionally involved, it is well to guess who, so in one History to be involved. I also have stories upper Spectators get their children or friends who are very horny Upper this end had to point out that already another film with the Avengers had been announced. The whole film series was an adventurous one Development trip for our fans and every movie lover. The reaction to this The end was a testimony to this, as well as emotionally connected viewers mean while these figures were. There can not be a bigger compliment. “
The decision to choose which characters should die was not easy task for the filmmakers, such as the executive producer Trinh Tran explained. “It was clear to us that we had to be very careful about who in the end should be deleted. We went very conscientiously with each individual figure in front. It was also a scary and unpleasant process for us, somehow we had accompanied these characters over several films. This Film is the first Marvel production to end with the triumph of Boseweight.To take this creative leap and make something new was very exciting. It is a bittersweet and overwhelming development. On the one hand ar eour pagans were defeated for the first time, on the other hand it was a complete one dramaturgical turn that nobody saw coming. The spectators were upset, but at the same time they also accepted and rejoiced over that we took this risk. “
As the performers at the premiere of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAS the movie for. For  the first time, they were completely thrilled. And that prepared finally also the way kw the current movie. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe has so far there has been no film that the audience was so fond of. “The last eight minutes of INFINITY WAR are perhaps the best in history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,  ” analyzes Robert Downey Jr.” It just so happens great fun, every figure in the different levels of action to be able to observe. I was just thrilled. “
“I was remanded by the film’s cultural power,” recalls Mark Ruffalo. “I have him in a post-industrial town in the heart of Connecticut – with my son and some of his friends. And never I have experienced such a reaction as after this movie. The people were screaming and howled. A boy took off his T-shirt and hopped around in his cinema chair shouted, ‘So crap.’ The people discussed the end and what it did meant. People cried. That was a profound experience. In my view After that, it was just grudging to be involved in a movie like this one .Because how often can you be involved in something that has such an effect on the Fans has? “
Scarlett Johansson emphasizes that this finale was similarly dramatic on set -for her and the other actors. “The feeling of devastating destruction in the Cinema was to feel, you were already spotted during the shoot on the set. In my opinion This also explains this emotional effect. On the screen you feel that dramatic weight and the importance of this moment. That does not just affect the Action, but also the meaning of this chapter in all our lives, that similarly culminating in the movie. “
For director Anthony Russo was this end of an extreme risk but it should pay off: “We all realized that this was ours Stark risk in this movie and it was a difficult end. We wanted us continue to be the upper hand and the figures dramaturgically at development points Feels that the audience could not foresee. And we knew that Make some courageous decisions and jump into history with the story Uncertainties had to dare. We were not sure if the spectators were all that too to process properly. Luckily, the audience recognized that dramaturgical value and the meaning of this end – just as we originally thought had hoped. On the one hand, it surprised us, because you can never be sure that something desired is accepted. On the other hand, it surprised us too not that everyone finally responded as we did. “
For the fans there was only a small glimmer of hope – the belated Scene in the credits. She prepared the way for Mr Captain Marvel to join the Avengers AVENGERS: ENDGAME and gave the viewers one little respite from all their fears. “When we first saw the movie Test audience presented, there was this scene in the credits not yet. The whole was really hard to take, “recalls Louis D’Esposito,” it was just too much for all, after the defeat against Thanos and the following devastating Destruction by him leaving the cinema in silence – without one Glimmer of hope for the Avengers. The credits scene also made a toile possible Catenary of CAPTAIN MARVEL, in which it was generously referred to and Finally the way to ENDGAME is being prepared. “
While the audience still gathered and digested the low blow that half of her beloved characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe lapped warden, the filmmakers’ anxiety worked on it with great tension expected next chapter of the franchise – AVENGERS: ENDGAME. From At the beginning, the filmmakers decided that each of the two films and whose story should stand for itself.
Producer Kevin Feige explains this central approach: “We already have Very soon the decision was made that we did not want one – namely one long movie, because then we just told in half. Instead, we wanted two very different films with selfless stories on the Bring canvas For this reason, we also removed Part 1 and Part 2 from the respective film titles, which we had originally announced. We wanted the Provide viewers with both films a self-contained experience. some may argue that INFINITY WAR ends with a cliffhanger. After all, all of these characters mean a lot to us and you, too, who in thata year later the next movie will be released. Of course we have thatunderstood, but that’s not how we viewed and saw this project. “
“For us it was a story that ended with the victory of Thanos Comes, “continues Kevin Feige.” Therefore, the film does not end with pictures of the beaten Avengers and the statement by Cap :, Oh Goff. Instead, shows the last picture is a satisfied Thanos who went though the hall, but his Target reached. So it’s Thanos’ story that is completely told here. “
“Kevin Feige insisted that these two films are in history and The number had to sound completely different “, emphasizes the outgoing Producer Trinh Tran. “In part, this is because not everyone is Stories from the comics really knows and we are not exactly the comics anyway consequences. We did not want to tell a story that we just halfway abort, stop. Of course, INFINITY WAR and ENDGAME should be connected be, but also feel different. INFINITY WAR was very fast timed movie Over a raid. It was about destroying and grabbing – with intensified feelings and a big tragic end. ENDGAME should be in Punctuation sound different – like a movie from another genre. “
Both films should begin and end in a striking and impressive way. For the Filmmakers are one of the biggest challenges they face AVENGERS: ENDGAME months before filming and theatrical release of AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR had to develop and bring in front of the cameras. “Usually Let’s finish a movie first, then process that movie and submit to us like that continue, “explains Anthony Russo.” So the processing of the film is 1stInspiration for the way forward. But with these two films, everything was complete different. Basically, we had to develop both films in parallel. We have these Although movies are considered as two different films, but in our minds We also thought of the big picture, of connections. In my opinion There are dramaturgical connections between all films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER is with THE FIRST AVENGER:CIVIL WAR, who in turn connected to AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. “
“Realizing these two films at the same time was a really big and complex one Challenge, “continues Anthony Russo.” It was only one with this experienced team like we have with Marvel and our productions. After all, the stories are so complex and the project had one Make sure you needed a very well-oiled production machinery, to manage two films in parallel.
“Well nobody knew how the viewers react to the first of the two films warden, these projects were somehow blindfolded. For Joe Russo That’s exactly the kind of thing that’s going to be the most annoying hangovers in this film “One of the biggest challenges for us was the fact that we were Only 90 percent had to turn away from ENDGAME before we heard Chief could see how the fans recorded INFINITY WAR. Some of our decisions, How we should give the story the final touches, so were from the first Movie inspired. In principle, however, everything was already finished before we Chief got this insight. What we could not foresee was the emotionally intense reaction of the audience. I remember a question and answer session after the first presentation of the film. The first question came from a 10 year old Boys, who wanted to know with tears in our eyes, why we Spider-Manhad gotten. But not only ten year olds reacted, so we knew that at ENDGAME would be much more at stake than any other movie in the game Marvel Cinematic Universe.
“The experienced authors Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely had to join the Challenge to develop a screenplay Mr AVENGERS: ENDGAME. The author duo has long worked for Marvel Studios and Russo Brothers,t hat hastened and streamlined the process of history and development Script. “We’ve been working on these two films for the past four years worked, “Kevin Feige goes into detail.” Even during the filming of CIVILWAR say Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Joe Russo, and Anthony Russo Trinh Tran together in a conference room in Atlanta and talked intensely about upper these two films. And that went on, until CIVIL WAR finally came to the movies and the work on INFINITY WAR was recorded. All this time and this one Creative crucible in this room in Atlanta has worked for me in my work
Marvel Studios prepares the greedy pleasure. Because it was all about, for to find these 20 films in this unprecedented series of films a satisfying ending -with people who had done so much kir to us. Christopher and Stephen already worked for us on the first movie with Captain America, the Collaboration with Joe and Anthony Russo started with the second movie Captain America. These men love these stories, they are also shy not to take risks in developing these stories. “
“Our years together at the foremost creative front with Markus and Stephen Anthony Russo emphasized, “It’s a tremendous asset like a finely tuned band that has been playing together for years. We can now pick up new ideas quite easily and throw each other. Therein lies the key to our cooperation. All our creative thinking was upper so many years steeped in these characters and stories. And all this Prehistory now carries at ENDGAME fruit. All the creative work and Research that we have invested in the various films over the years ,but then did not fly into the movies, had ultimately great influence on how we realize this story. Since 2012, we dug a deep Fountain, filled with creative considerations and research. And it could we’ll do it now. “
“Markus and McFeely have always been incredible collaborators in our four films” swarms also Joe Russo. “You have more for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Writer written as everyone else. Your knowledge is the characters above almost encyclopaedic. With consecutive number of movies in Marvel Cinematic Universe is the task for the directors has become more complex. There are this old saying that you have to fly in 12 kilometers  Hahe, that’s the big deal Whole to see. Obtained on the production of ENDGAME, we flew on a height of 21 kilometers. To focus on the big picture No, you have to have an unbelievable team of employees around you. Because we, Markus, McFeely and all the other employees of this hugely talented Teams had around us, we could focus on the big picture and Obtain information from all areas of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “
For screenwriter Stephen McFeely was the creative process in development For many years, the story of a grudging collaboration with th eRusso brothers tied. “Joe and Anthony are just great guys,” swarms McFeely. “We value different things in them. Joe is similar to the EnergizerHare [marketing mascot kir Energizer batteries]. It bubbles up incessantly out to him, he always has a new idea. Anthony goes to many of his Decisions are much more methodical and senior. At our meetings we ran the conversations always follow a similar pattern. Joe made a suggestion Anthony was showing a tame expression. Like Chris Markus and me, it’s similar where Chris is more like Anthony and I’m more like Joe. Ultimately, everything works beyond that, the best idea prevails in the end – who they are comes. We always have a lot of ideas, but we always reach the point where we have to come too. That’s really good for us cooperated since we met in 2012. “
For AVENGERS: ENDGAME, it was first and foremost about the authors creative starting point and the rough framework for action. Had the screenwriters em an ass in the jaw, they as a landmark, as a creative Polar stern used. Christopher Markus explains: “We had the advantage at a very early stage to know that INFINITY was with a Finger snap ends that there is a conclusion of some finality Worde. As a result, ENDGAME got more leeway kw its own dramaturgica  Development, because the film would not be an immediate continuation of the past Be events. We were not interested in a straight two-parter. As we The history of the two films evolved, it was very clear from that ENDGAME from the predecessor in structure and narration tone very much distinguish between them. “
“INFINITY WAR was dramaturgically dominated by Thanos” Christopher Markus continues his explorations. “The structure was based on his Development and his triumph at the end of the film. ENDGAME is the focus Back to the Avengers. Here we are more concerned with what is in them proceeds with their perspective and their feelings in the aftermath of this devastating disaster. Structurally, ENDGAME is much more ambiguous than that Vorganger film. I do not want to go that far and see the movie as philosophical describe. Engine of the film is no longer the threat of Thanos, which in the last movie constantly hovered above the heads of the Avengers. This has the Film now a bit more dramaturgical space, something can breathe. “
With the elimination of half humanity Thanos has the unimaginable done and fulfilled his mission. But the master babe has to give it a price numbers. “We wanted to give Thanos a reasonably logical argument with him seminal global murder of the genocide, explains Joe Russo. “But the whole thing should be also have an emotional component. INFINITY WAR was dramaturgically so structured that he was the hero of the movie. And Gentiles need preservation samples Standing over obstacles bring headwinds and sacrifices to reach their goals. When he has to gamble to achieve his goals, the only thing in the game is Gamora Universe that he loves, you just have to feel sorry for him. Even though we all know he’s an unscrupulous base weight. He does us to a certain extent Degree sorry. And that’s why he’s a top class, because he does not believet hat he is one. “
IN AVENGERS: ENDGAME are the Avengers, the Thanos finger-tips Having survived, desperately, must cope with their defeat and process these. “Thanos has achieved his goal, and that’s one of the ????, why we did not consider INFINITY WAR a movie with a cliffhanger, “stresses Kevin fig. “At the end of the movie, we see Thanos on a strange planet. He sits there and looks into the distance, to an incredible idyll. He was successful and is happy with what he has achieved. I do not think he was thinking big Above the survivors Avengers makes and that they have something at the can change the existing situation. “
“There’s a reason why we ended up with INFINITY WAR Figures Ciberleben Hellen “, adds the executive producer Trinh Tran wanted the original Avengers in this movie with the past events finish and process them. Here we see the core of original Avengers teams. These gentiles we have the last 10 years accompanied her journey. We really wanted to explore what’s in this new movie they are after what Thanos did to them. “
At the beginning of AVENGERS: ENDGAME come the survivors Avengers, the are still on earth, together again. They try to understand what they have experienced and seen. “None of the Avengers can rationalize what happened, “explains Christopher Markus.” You are in a situation where all that made these characters look worthy and valuable suddenly is useless- their superpower, their will and their determination. They do not know anything about the change previous events. This is an intriguing starting point for yourself turn again to these figures. A truer start kir a You can not really imagine history. So we were able to get the figures up explore a way we have not seen on the screen so far. “
“In my opinion, every single Avenger handles the events differently End of INFINITY WAR urn, “remarks producer Kevin Feige,” Each of them has already have to deal with a personal trauma. But no one has experienced such a devastating defeat, the only opponent was theirs So you have to get back together as a team and decide what they want can still do anything to help the world. “
While the survivors gather Avengers in their camp and new Tony Stark, once again portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., based on Titan’s own To cope with problems. In addition, he has to deal with a vision of more fearful To deal with the destruction that had long tortured him in secret. “Since The first movie with the Avengers was Tony Stark worried that a grudge Catastrophe would come up, “Kevin Feige explains, suffering in INFINITY WAR under a post traumatic stress disorder. In AVENGERS: AGE OF He told ULTRON he wanted to put a protective armor around the world. This intention unfortunately led him to the creation of Ultron. Tony Starkis a Futurist. He is preparing for the future. He foresees developments the others stay hidden. He saw something terrible happen, and could not stop Thanos anyway. For him that’s a devastating low blow. “
“After the catastrophe Tony is still on Titan, the Home planet of Thanos. All his thoughts focus on whether and how he can return to Earth, “Downey Jr. describes the key issue his figure. “The last major trauma was experienced by Tony in MARVEL’S THEAVENGERS the portal was opened. The devastating defeat against Thanos, At the end, Peter Parker fell to dust in his arms, but he was no fiercer Blow for him. He does not tend to chuckle at all, but this boy he really liked. He knew that he was in SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING and INFINITY WAR underwent a real rigging. “
“If someone keeps you mentally mentor or projects something positive on you, then you somehow become that desirable person, “Downey Jr. says Auskihrungen on. “That can be a good thing, because then you Maybe you are taking on the task of becoming a better person. Tony’s reaction to the Disaster is a process of intense reflection. He does not want the risk to change something, because finally he belongs to those who are the upper life allowed. But he feels this obligation, in the aftermath of the devastating Destruction to find any solution. “
“In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark is the most complex and complicated Figure, “Joe Russo goes into the analysis.” The reason for this is, in my opinion ,that  this man is faultier than the other figures. But that makes him feel the most interesting. We may have characters who show their humanity in difficult situations Making decisions that we all have to meet. “
Filming for AVENGERS: ENDGAME left Robert Downey Jr. behind. grumble impression. “You need a playground where you can play safely”, emphasizes the world star. “This is essential, especially if you have two films in one piece rotates. I really enjoyed every moment of the shoot in both films. After many years of cooperation, we all loved each other to have experienced and achieved all this. We were thankful that we had this experience in the past ten years together and this support could learn. “
While Tony tries to find a way to Earth in space, stop Steve Rogers, again played by Chris Evans, in the Avengers’ camp Position. He tries to classify and understand past events. “To Beginning of the film we see many broken people, “explains Chris Evans.” This is something Marvel understands very well. They levelled us, really brought us on a par with everyone else, also emotionally and morally. The good thing is that it’s always easier to collapse To rebuild characters. But there are now many characters with deficits. As a result of the events of CIVIL WAR, Steve has certain things turned away, that’s still the case. After the finger snap of Thanos butand the loss of all these people he really tries, his old optimism reviving and loyalty to conventions to find again who are grager than he. He tries to get back to the top to get. Just give up, that would be easy. But that’s just not in his Nature. I think he does that too. So it’s just about how to go after Experiencing the worst catastrophe can still be a leader. “
“This character is incredibly tough, we’ve always been aware of that since we became Captain America developed the canvas, “says Anthony Russo.” His moral codeis very strong, you have to make an effort to get his sore points Find. You really have to give this character a hard hit by a point reach where she shows vulnerability. In this movie we drove him in one Stage of genuine vulnerability in the story em. And that was great. “
“We invested a lot in Captain America,” adds Joe Russo have invested a lot in Chris emotionally – as a friend and employee. “We Feel real pride in leaning back and developing this figure to be able to look at it from the overall picture. Tony is one of the most complicated and complex characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however Captain America dramaturgically makes the most interesting development. THERETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER was not just kir the Marvel Cinematic Universe em e genuine Prufstein and turning point. Rather, this film changed also the narration of the following films. With him began the destabilization of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Steve Rogers had to question his own identity and turn against the land she gave him. Thematically that is very productive, in my opinion, Steve is the figure with the most profound Problem. “
“Steve Rogers really has an amazing one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe dramaturgical development “, Kevin Feige goes into detail our first movie with Captain America was announced very soon Skepticism that this movie only Americans and Hurrapatriotismus like this Figure would be one-dimensional. Luckily Chris Evans then has this Role Obernommen and his depiction of this cult figure to a complex Personality formed into a noble mythical cult hero and at the same time too a very human three-dimensional figure. In INFINITY WAR are some Memorable moments associated with Captain America, but ultimately he stepped against the other figures something in the background. In ENDGAME but stand she is back on the front line. It was exciting for us, because many fans had her Regrets feel that in INFINITY WAR they like more from Captain America had seen. “
In contrast to Steve Rogers, Thor, re-enacted by Chris Hemsworth, had in INFINITY WAR was one of the most memorable performances. “In the last movie made Thor, compared to the other characters, one of the most interesting ramaturgical developments “, explains the executive producer TrinhTran. “It’s one of the high points in the entire saga, when Thor with his magical at Stormbreaker and with Groot and Rocket at his side in Wakandalands and is determined to kill Thanos. He also gets the Opportunity, but he fails. And that weighs heavily on him. He is on the ground destroyed. He believes he has abandoned his people and his friends. He is disappointed in himself, could not defeat Thanos and thus the universe not really save either.”
Chris Hemsworth has represented this figure for many years and got the Opportunity to expand its range of performances. ,, In THOR: DAY OFDECISION was the worst on Thor, the strongest in INFINITY WAR and most heroic in ENDGAME but Thor is probably at an all-time low “,Hemsworth describes the change of his figure. “Whether mentally, physically or emotional – Thor is here a full broken figure. He is lost and insecure. For me that was a completely new development, it felt like when Would I represent a figure that was totally different from the previous one? When Actors I felt freer than ever, because at this point there were none Rules more. It offered here just a real opportunity for me, on the whole to go. I had this personality at this stage two or three years ago I probably would have failed drastically. With regard tomy development as a human being and actor came to this new role faceta perfect time. l could use things here that i used before had not explored yet. And that was great. I loved this challenge. “
“When we started to supersede, as in this new movie with Thor should go on, the enormous loss he had suffered dramaturgically Of course, that’s an essential role, “explains Joe Russo.” He has lost more than anyone Others, Asgard was destroyed and Thanos defeated him. How are you? People who suffered two terrible defeats and losses, who? DarOber, we thought intensively. He has to endure greater pain than all others. How could he handle all this? This emotional tension and the positive inner light that he still carries within him grows and absorbs Course of the story in a mitreiaende way too. Maybe it was for Joe and met he most entertaining aspect in the whole movie. “
Like Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson Ober experienced the years groaedramaturgical changes in her character, since Black Widow in IRON MAN 2 ins Marvel Cinematic Universe. “When we shot IRON MAN 2,I did not know if fans and viewers accept my portrayal of this character% / Order, “Johansson looks back on the year 2010.” I knew it was dramaturgically gave many directions in which we had to go. But then if the figure was just drilled, it was no more than a! dee. Only at the first I was able to film with the Avengers at the representation of this figure and her Personality work properly and go deep in their history. “
“One can easily follow the development of Black Widow as a personality – of THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER to ENDGAME, “notes Anthony Russo. “She is isolated and has massive problems trusting others. Because too Captain America does not know if he can trust her, she just does not listen Family. She has never learned anything but trusting herself. Your look the world is skeptical and cynical, for them truth is relative. As she is in the The course of the other films positively changed and developed, brings her Steve Rogers – as well as him. Slowly she starts to trust others.This moment comes in THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER, it is the The moment she realizes that the Avengers are her family. In CIVIL WAR meets She makes a decision and wants to get this family. And then she realizesthat she may have made the wrong choice, that she may have to let go,so that this family does not destroy itself. In ENDGAME she wants the family then bring back together, because she feels that it is the strongest emotional attachmentin her whole life. “
Joe Russo is convinced that Black Widow is a stabilizing element in Steve Rogers and his hero team is. “In my opinion, Natasha emnlittle of the superheroes we see otherwise. She has another moral compass than the rest of the characters. She understands that it is in the world There is a balance between light and dark and that you are a victim on both polesto bring that balance. That is a truth that some of Do not really want to accept other characters. But I do not think so Thinking and feeling like Steve Rogers must be able to fight at his side. Your view of the world is just different and usually it does not take anything personally. She looks at everything strategically. She is just very pragmatic. “
The methodical trait of her character fitted well into the structure of the film, Scarlett Johansson is convinced: “In this film, the characters have a lot of rooml eft for reflection. One recognizes the argumentation and the considerations behind the decisions we make. That is very unusual in this Genre, these momentous moments the space and time for their development to give them, who deserve them – and yet parallel the story advance. Legendary and on average here monumental was done, so I think something has not happened yet. “The executive producer Louis D’Esposito betrays that he is always very special in the mysterious aura of this figure Interestingly, “Black Widow always surrounded a mystery, you never quite knew exactly on which side she stands. “
“Since we introduced them to IRON MAN 2, Scarlett’s account of BLACK WIDOW HIGHLY DEVELOPED, “added Mgt Kevin Feige.” It was easy grandly, what Joss did in MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS with this character, how he showed her inner conflict, her traumatic past to headwinds. And that’s all about what you give her in the Red Room [KGB agents’ smithy]forced her often unscrupulous work as a spy on whom she is not proud. In INFINITY WAR attacks them against Bbsewichte, who are much stronger than themselves, and Never give up anyway. This is what I think all Avengers have in common. When we meet Natasha in ENDGAME, it’s about her first again to achieve some normality. It’s about continuing his life, though you think you have lost everything. These effects and how to use themgoes around, all that is at the beginning of the film in focus – even for her. “
It was a most rewarding experience for Scarlett Johansson to get this one Over the course of 11 years, I have been able to turn to this figure over and over again: “Far me that was an incredible opportunity to return to a character that is always in the spotlight I love so much, and in the past 11 years Tell the Marvel Cinematic Universe” The actress swarms,” ​​very rarely do you get those Chance the different layers and facets of a figure over a longer one Period can be released. In many ways, this process reflects mine own development and my own challenges. These Being able to experience something is incredible for an actor Gift. And with this movie it was sporbar that we have something here Make a pretender. “
“During the filming of this film, we often looked around the set and then all had this toile feeling that here the original team again”, Johansson recalls,” We often looked back, like This journey began and what different experiences we have in common had done. For the past ten years, there has been so much for us al l changed – in our careers and in our lives. During the shooting of the AVENGERS movies always made you feel like you were over the holidays to return to his family and continue where he was last stopped. We are all very close because we spent so much time together and so on have been through many things together. And this dynamic flows in many ways also in these films em. “
The same is true of Mark Ruffalo, who in AVENGERS: ENDGAME once again Bruce Banner embodied. “As far as I’m concerned, working on these films frankly People like it most, “says Ruffalo.” The work of an actor Basically similar to a vagabond life. She is passing. You are alone. You do not see colleagues often. But with these films, everything is different. We have these wonderful family built together. And that bores me. In a way we grew up together, made this wonderful together Experience. We started families, got married or divorced. And always there was this fixed point. Again and again, each of us came to this Group back with very different personalities of different origin and interests. We are like that Avengers, as they are known from the screen. Because in many ways we all differ, but together we are one beautiful individual Organism us. “
Over all the years, to be able to return again and again to his character, Mark has Ruffalo really enjoyed it. “One of the reasons why I became an actor is constant change in this profession. I do not have to do the same thing again and again.Luckily, the character of Bruce Banner has a crazy evolution through. People continue to evolve over the course of ten years tire. It’s cool that this also applies to this figure. It’s also great, a character play ‘carmen, the science for kids seem cool’ asst. It is fascinating, what cultural impact these films have had. These figures are the good guys and they fight for the good. They are putting science and theirs Mind you, they are nerds. It’s great to make young people science tasty to be able to do. “
“The Bruce banner that we saw in INFINITY WAR inspired us and also Mark, “explains Kevin Feige,” because he was very different from the character we were in had seen the other films. He suffered two defeats, and that made him especially interesting. At the beginning of the film, the Hulk lost to Thanos, on At the end, it was Banner in the Hulk buster armor, the one against Thanos the shorter one moved. It’s great to see him deal with ENDGAME like this he recovers and eventually recoils. “
An Avenger could not be seen in INFINITY WAR: ScharfschCitze Hawkeye. In ENDGAME returns to the team, but has completely changed. His actor Jeremy Renner explains what the beginning of the new film is about Hawkeye. “To The defeat against Thanos has some really serious ones in the Avengers” Changes,” Jeremy Renner begins his analysis of the situation. “Clint we see again in Tokyo, in a rumbling, wonderfully photographed battle sequence,at the end of which the figure is found. There he also meets Black Widow. It is one epic scene, but at the same time an intimate, subtle, painful and wonderful chane. And of course she is damn cool. It’s a really cool one and rebellious reintroduction of this figure. Whoever has wondered What Clint has done all along, gets here quickly a final Statement. And then it goes straight on with the story. “
With his finger-tip, Thanos has the fate of our pagans inevitably changed, “explains Joe Russo.” We wanted the audience to one Bring a point that is really uncomfortable for you. You really should reflect Must, as it seems after these catatrophic losses with these figures go on. How would you react to it – emotionally and psychologically? “
Rif ‘Jeremy Renner was in such a special kind of pleasure Stage of the franchise to be able to represent a completely new side of his figure.” That really excited me, I had dreamed of it for a long time”, the actor admits. “There was a lot of physical and physical flair in this film significantly more emotional challenges than in the past. I think groflartig, how the journey and development of this figure ends here so far. He has matured and has evolved, has built relationships in the team. “
One of these relationships is the one to Black Widow. It spans years and you feel it closely connected. “In his story play the relationship with Black Widow and the shared past with her an important role, “explains RennerENDGAME is deepening this relationship, which is a major development.The relationship with Black Widow is one of the most important for Clint among the Avengers.Basically, Clint is characterized by great humanity. That has something to do with it,that he has no super powers, he fights like a soldier in ground forces. He hassimply an extremely strong will and sophisticated skills. His relationship withBlack Widow has always grounded him. In this movie, she finally comes to appropriatethat’s really beautiful. “
Among the original heroes who already invented the Marvel Cinematic Universe early on, Also included is James “Rhodey” Rhodes, again shown by Don Cheadle Figure was always an important team member of the Avengers. This figure has also changed in all the years, and Cheadle explains how much this development liked. “As an actor, you always want your own character to do more gets as you then concede. I think you can in ENDGAME Really see many different dimensions and facets at Rhodey. In this movie you can see him after all the trouble and after all, what he did got through, gets back on her feet – physically and emotionally. This isa beautiful development in the dramaturgical drawing of this figure that hasmade a lot of fun for me. “
Pepper Potts is also a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the over all the years remained very popular with the fans. She is the anchor for Tony Stark, his heart and his soul. Her actress Gwyneth Paltrow explains how this character has been since their development in IRON MAN. In many ways have Pepper and I have undergone a fairly similar development, “analyzes  the Actress. In IRON MAN she had a completely different life, one other status. In the course of the following films, however, she was able to show which ones She has the qualities she has. In a way, I caught up with them and she reverses me, too. Pepper is very close to me. Certainly I have none Figure depicted as long as she is, she’s been mine now for over ten years Life. She is an unbelievable person. In fact, I really love Pepper. “
There is another aspect of Pepper that appealed to many viewers and much meant. It’s her relationship with Tony Stark that has been going on for ten years developed the canvas. “One of the loveliest aspects of it is the way it is done How this relationship has evolved over the years, “explains Anthony Russo. “The two have an incredible journey behind them – everyone Individual for yourself, but also as a romantic partner. For the spectators it is 16ftthe most exciting aspects of these films, the changes and the continuous ones To observe maturation in both figures. Only very rarely can one in Films see how screen characters share such life developments going through. The dramaturgical arc extends from the moment we see it Over the complex developments in their relationship up to the Events in ENDGAME. It’s an incredible life that we side by side accompany these two figures. “
Robert is my partner – on set and off the beaten track, “says Paltrow the quality of this collaboration. “He is always full of surprises, never whom one, what he will do next. He makes sure that every day spa with it brings and is full of dynamism. Working with him is just incredible. I remember well IRON MAN and how often we got on this first movie improvised. Basically, he did everything spontaneously in this film. He has me really much improvisation taught. He is absolutely altruistic and brilliant. Working with him definitely keeps you busy and forded Creativity.”
“As an actress, Gwyneth is, of course, a National Shrine,” Downey says Jr. from his screen partner. “She put a lot of complexity on Pepper, in her Interpretation is this figure plump, smart, very cool, thoughtful and prudent.Of course, who I am that she is now the queen of e-commerce [Paltrow’s company Goop is an internet success story], but it really does bring Tony’s best side sand makes the momentum between the two so human and emotionalnachempfindbar. “
In their presentation and mode of operation, the two focus on the particular Chemistry spewable between them, “adds Joe Russo.” If you try Creating stories that really should mean something to viewers is emn very special creative tool and tool. Robert and Gwyneth are easy fantastic actors. You have this intangible qua Rat that becomes visible as soon as they appear together on the screen. “
From the devastating destruction by Thanos, Scott Lang remained embodied again by Paul Rudd, spared. Rudd explains how Ant-Man faces the wrath of the darkest Marvel-Bosewichts escaped. “During the events of INFINITY WAR Scott Lang is in the Quantum Realm [subatomic dimension]. When he came out of It return, he learns of the terrible events. Get up to date He’s looking for Natasha and Captain America. He desperately wants know if there is anything he can do to help them. “
The second superhero summit meeting was pleasant for the actor and absolutely smoothly. “How Marvel realizes these films is one of the newest Experience for me. In a joint effort, those responsible try toto make these films imaginative and emotionally intense. Her approach and her The procedure is different, but it is a process that I have learned to trust have. I spike that I’m a little better at the machinery behind it all understand. My relationship with the studio and Marvel has grown and matured. Soto work is very exciting. “
“The situation is similar to relations with the other Avengers,” he says Actor continues. “When we brought CIVIL WAR to the cameras, I had ANT-MAN already turned off. But it was the first time that I had all around me. I thought only: ‘Great God, there they are all.’ But during the filming of ENDGAME it was Feelings about another. It was more like an invitation, it did not seem like that any moreI should sneak in. That felt so good. ”                        
His victory against the Avengers had to pay Thanos a high price. He had to kill Gamora, which still widened the gap between him and Nebula deepened. Karen GilIan, who again embodies Thanos’ adoptive daughter, explains how it after the events of INFINITY WAR stands for Nebula. “Nebula’s relationship with Thanos was always very turbulent. It’s a very complicated relationship, because she is characterized by abuse. She feels anger, anger and bitterness, at the same time But she also longs to please him and to acknowledge him win. With this very strange mixture of different Feeling she has to deal constantly. I believe that this and that Sometimes a real test for her. “
“After the events of the last movie Nebula is emotionally in worse Constitution “, Karen GilIan continues her work.” She had just be gunto build a relationship with your sister, what she will do in her life had wanted. And when that finally became reality, Gamora became you taken from Thanos forever. She was her only real family, that’s why She feels completely alone, completely lost and helpless. “
Nebula is one of Gillan’s  favorite characters – despite the extremely long hair and the elaborate make-up process needed to turn it into Nebula.” For me as an actress, it was unbelievably satisfying, that figure upper play several films and franchises, explore and reveal facets of it ” The Scotswoman swarms.” Normally, such a dramaturgical Development curve to be told in the context of a film. In Nebula’s case though she now covers many films. This leaves this role for me as Actress really interesting because she is changing with every movie I haven ever feel like having to repeat myself. It feels like I joined learn something new about each movie they learn. In the beginning, she looked icy cold, but then We gradually learned how vulnerable she really is and how she felt afterward syearns to have a family in their life.
“The fact that Nebula played a more grave role in ENDGAME appeared to the Russo brothers as a logical step in the development of this figure. “If we look at these films anthony, Markus, McFeely sit intensively in advance with these characters and I usually get together in a room. There is every single figure with a photo on a blackboard, “says Joe Russo in the work process Directors and authors em. “Then we just start talking about it, like everybody else These characters could interact with the goals of the Bose weight. The whole thing is emnmohsamer process that takes over months. But if you like a character Nebula has, who is a daughter of Thanos, you have to make a substantial Make element of the main story or at least make sure that it is one emotional connection to it. “
In response to a distress signal from Nick Fury, the Avengers receive an immediate response Visit from a previously unknown, Captain Marvel. “During the credits from INFINITY WAR a scene with Maria Hill and Nick Fury has been submitted, “reminds producer Kevin Feige. “Here we saw Nick Fury from a completely new one Page. We saw him in fear and fright as Mary Hill closed his eyes Dust fell apart. Who is good with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics was familiar, recognized the logo of Captain Marvel. And that’s what it’s all about in the following film. In CAPTAIN MARVEL we learn about the adventurous
Travel and develop this incredible woman and see her as the most powerful Figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “
In this figure, the filmmakers had a central challenge put – they had Captain Marvel in the story of AVENGERS: ENDGAME before shooting even one shot of CAPTAIN MARVEL was. “There was a similar problem with the introduction of the figure of Black Panther [and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR] as well as Spider-Man and CIVIL WAR “,clarifies screenwriter Stephen McFeely. “In this case, though, they had to we integrate them into the script and then realize the movie before their own movie could be filmed and brought to the cinema. So we had to take this figure in make our film, but at the same time make sure that the creators of the There was enough room for other films, this character with her background story for to create her own movie. “
Already the first encounter with the Avengers was for Brie Larson, the actress of Captain Marvel, a true adventure. “I was in the middle of the preparation CAPTAIN MARVEL and the size of this project became very clear to me, when I appeared on the set of AVENGERS: ENDGAME, “Larson looks back.” I kept looking around and just could not believe it ,that  I would play in this movie. It was my first day in chief Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I was surrounded by the Avengers. We turn eda scene in which we all stood together in front of the camera. I just thought, ‘That Feels like being an ensemble member of the greats theater group in the world. “
For AVENGERS: ENDGAME, the cameras have been at many original locations The majority of the filming took place at Pinewood Atlanta Studiosin the US state of Georgia.
“Given the size of both projects, it was a tremendous benefit for us, Pinewood Atlanta Studios as a production base for INFINITY WAR and ENDGAME have to know, “emphasizes Joe Russo,” which allowed us to get one there Turn the film and prepare the others in parallel. Us and the crew allowed the one liquid production process. We were able to get from a studio to the Next change and turn certain settings – those that we originally overlooked, and others we notice at the cut had that we still needed or optimized them. If you have two film show this one after another turn and want to lift, then everything must be under one Being a Roof – StudioBohnen, Schnittraume, production offices and the entire crew. I can 
Durham Cathedral is one of the most spectacular cathedrals in Europe “,swarms Joe Russo. “She is just breath taking. We really could Gladly appreciate, turn there to hear. Because the scene realized there got This is an unbelievably epic format – and that without the use of digital Effects. A big part of what you will see in this scene on the screen, is actually the cathedral. Far a director is of inestimable value, if he can walk around in a location of this size order and then him it becomes clear how he can shoot a planned scene there. The job that you manage must become much more concrete. And the representations seem more realistic, well The actors do not have to act in front of a green screen. Everything is tangible and fOhlbar. “
Andrew Tremlett, dean of Durham Cathedral, gives an introduction to the Special feature of the cathedral and its construction. “You needed between 30 and 40Years to build them, such buildings were not raised at night, “emphasizes Tremlett. “Noteworthy about this cathedral is that the central BaukOrper, who is also seen in the film, has hardly changed since she was had been erected. The gigantic columns are originals, they were all from Create hand. Typical of gothic architecture is this duster-grandiose Aura and the light, this glow. Like the production team this Cathedral illuminated, was very impressive. Everyone who works here thought, that it looked really cool – even our kids. “
Production designer Charles Wood set the task to the look of the cathedral to adapt the needs and wishes of the production. That’s what he set up additional walls and other structures. “You have to do one for such a job talented specialist like Charles Wood, who has a place like this and then say exactly what we use kdrinen and what not “,explains Anthony Russo. “He understood what architectural details not to our mythology had to fit and be covered, and what existing Structures one had to add. The whole thing was very elaborate and difficult process. “
“This task woke me up a bit, walking around in the cathedra land then have to imagine what you need for our purposes and how one would use parts of the cathedral, “production designer Wood admits Durham Cathedral is unusual because it looks more like a monastery than one Church. We tried to sort out the areas that we use as a set and could expand. The walls of this cathedral have very sophisticated Surfaces, are filigree processed. We studied it intensively and made sure that our additions fit perfectly. Because if at one Place like this, that breathes so much history, something does not seem appropriate, because, on fall These supplements and extensions immediately. We just wanted something created that was meaningful, with a palette that also has very soft facets would have. Accordingly, we also selected the colors. We have a head Do not try to visually overload or load this location. Rather, tried we, the visual force wegwgchen something. This is one of the worst for me Cathedrals of the world. In a place like this to work, we felt  a real privilege. “
Charles Wood’s work on the set revealed so much detail that even connoisseurs of the Cathedral could not say what was original or added. Wood and his employees made castables  from the surface stones left o show them to stonemasons in Durham and Hellen the technique that use them for necessary restorations. As soon as the set was built, The molds had textures that were perfect for the existing architecture fit.
“In terms of the scope of this project, on dramaturgy and the pervasive Element, no employee was more valuable to this project than Charles Wood, ours Production Designer “, is Joe Russo Ciberzeugt.” He has done spectacular things many different film locations, styles, sounds and universes to a uniform formed a whole. He created a look like him on the Canvas has not often seen – what the enormous size of the project and the Variety of auflergewahnlichen filming locations concerns. It was fantastic and really brilliant.”
Another original venue, that of Charles Wood and his specialists was changed and adapted to the needs of the script, was a road in the center of Tokyo. This is where Hawkeye got into the Marvel Cinematic on his racking Universe a dramatic performance. “Hawkeye hides in the outfit of one here Ronin [abandoned samurai], “explains screenwriter Stephen McFeelyin the guise of maintaining order, he donates in Tokyo in fact chaos. “
“It’s a sequence full of aggression,” Joe Russo goes into details. “I like that, because it makes them gripping for the audience. How intense she really was, but we recognized only when turning. And the surprised me actually am most. But in my opinion, it really reflects all the pain that Clint feels. “
Adding to this intensity is the new look from Hawkeye, the dark side this figure emphasizes. “The ronin costume comes from the comics, that is undisputed, “KostOm designer Judianna Makovsky explains.” This Ronin aura To preserve, I have worked closely with Ryan Meinerding [of the Oberaufsicht Oberthe visual development of all Marvel projects has worked together]. At the beginning but this Ronin costume was very uncomfortable for the wearer, so we made it many versions of it. Conceptually, we did not change anything, because we wanted Keep this very concrete picture in any case. “
“Of all the characters in the movie, Hawkeye makes the big changehis personality through. And you can see that on his Kostam, too “, added Makovsky. “He’s wearing a new, much simpler outfit that somehow fits you Ninja remembers. He always appears out of nowhere and fights. The KostOm had So be very comfortable, which was very difficult to realize. In the Making this KostOm has done a brilliant job for my team. “
“I admire Judianna,” enthuses Anthony Russo, “in terms of talent and talent Abilities, she can compete with the best that Joe and I are in The course of our careers. The design and the Making these costumes was very difficult. You always succeed this important Balance, because the costumes on the one hand have to look a bit fantastic , on the other hand, to be imaginable in the real world. This balance Joe and I are very important, we always strive for in these films. The time until to the final design of Kest: 1ms is a process that makes us incredibly fun and gives us energy. “
Ronin’s introduction to the movie is energetically boosted by Look and Atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic Japan. Responsible for that were Charles Wood and his staff. From the first moment he got this setentered, director Joe Russo was impressed. “With the design of this set Charles Wood has really surpassed himself, the scene shot here even more intense. That’s because of the many details. That’s not Tokyo, as we know it, but Tokyo after a global catastrophe. It’s a visual on every unusual interpretation of Tokyo. On the one hand rooted in reality, On the other hand, there are fantastic BezOge. Charles and his specialists have brought together these different elements wonderfully. “
Another element that increased the intensity and quality of this sequence was the Occupation of Hiroyuki Sanada. The Japanese actor brought many years Martial Arts experience in the film. “It was incredibly important to have someone into have this sequence with him, who could handle a sword as well as Hire, “emphasizes Joe Russo,” You can not do that in a foreign setting turn without a performer with his wisdom and competence, who is actually with One of the best stunt masters in the world can keep up. And with everyone Repeat. Hiro had to fight well for over a minute in this bang, at Rain and in the middle of the night. He had many choreographic details note. We shot this sequence ten times. And with every repetition was he always better. “
“Joe and I always keep our eyes on the actors,” Anthony says Russo. “We also love action scenes and spend a lot of time listening to them develop and develop the associated feelings in detail. But we Maximize the skills and talents that each performer brings It’s our job to get the most out of every actor -regardless of whether it is about emotions or action skills. And when we On the set, let’s suppose, as we do the special skills of an actor can use to tell the story, to intensify the conflict andto take the audience along. It all plays in this process, in the staging such scenes, a big role. “
These addictive action and battle scenes are shooting AVENGERS: ENDGAME Coordinating was not an easy task. After all, it was about a lot in the Story to be told here sate. Was entrusted with this task Significantly Monique Ganderton. She had in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave assists, a veteran of Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Hargrave took the challenge, AVENGERS: ENDGAME the direction of the 2nd recording team and the fight scenes to take over, was Ganderton promoted to stunt coordinator.
The reaction to Ganderton’s delivery was extremely positive and with the crew inspiring. “Mannfiche and female crewmembers approached me on the set and told me how glad they were to see a woman in this post, “Ganderton remembers. “That made me very proud – also because I might be so could pave the way for other women. It was also, when me women out addressed the crew, how grandiose they found that and maybe one day her daughter also knew this job. In principle, however, I do myself no thoughts that as a woman I coordinate the stunts. I’m just mine Job.”
“Our relationship with Monique has gone over several films Anthony Russo comments, “That’s how you learn creative Knowing employees well and trusting them. Over time you realize that you similarly thinks and feels – in terms of the preferred way of working and on the what you try to achieve creatively. So we had plenty of experience made with Monique. She is a very good stunt coordinator. That’s just amazing difficult job, with a lot of things and from different perspectives must think. “
In concrete terms, this is explained in detail by Anthony Russo. “Well, you have to Find out how the director’s wishes are compatible with the boundaries Let stunt people be physically set. Finding this balance is very difficult. Because sometimes we dream things together, they do not like that be realized, as we had imagined. Monique owns these great gift to be totally calm and focused and then to find a way how these ideas can be realized. “
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown steadily over the years. It has nine franchises to date and will expand by a tenth in 2020.But the germ of all this is the first film in this universe, IRON MAN and his dynamic star, Robert Downey Jr.
“We are very proud of the cast in our films,” says the exporter Producer Louis D’Esposito too. “And that’s especially true of Robert Downey Jr.to. It was probably the most important casting decision we ever made. He is not just a brilliant actor. Through his participation, the world also learned that we take the cast of these iconic roles very seriously. Its huge Success in interpreting his character made it possible for all the other grumpy ones Actors to join our universe. Because they knew now If Robert Downey Jr. works here and succeeds, then they know that too success.”
“One thing is certain: without Robert Downey Jr. there would be no Marvel Cinematic Universe, “resumes producer Kevin Feige.” There’s nothing to Itretteln. Robert breathed life into our studio, along with Jon Favreau helped find the narration tone for IRON MAN, and so has Foundation created for the studio. When he was still fighting for the role, he believed try to put something important in here. Not just for the movie, but also in terms of the dimension of this universe. At this time it was all no more than an airlock, a dream of dreams. He has that time really seen the big picture, knew what he was for the cinema and the audience could bring in. Namely, in terms of how to meet their expectations At the same time, a pagan can subversively soften and surpass. Everyone who an iconic figure, far away will always be in the shadow of what RD Jwith the performance of Tony Stark. “
Robert Downey Jr. is the unrivaled “godfather” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Grande daffir name some of his colleagues. “If you’re Robert Downey Jr .It is not difficult to build a great dynamism, be it on or off the screen, “swings Chris Evans.” He’s very kind and friendly acceptable type. I think he fully understood the great responsibility that associated with these films. He understood if one of us was successful, then we will all be successful. For that reason he did not shy away from helping us and kicking us. Not only in the movies with the Avengers, but also in every single one of our own franchises. Even if he is not on the set was present, we sporten his Unterstatzung. During the filming of the The first movie with Captain America was very important to me. Without his Support for this film, I had much harder. If you give it to him He simply radiates that kind of energy. “”
In addition, he brings sparse seriousness,” sets Chris Evans his experiences continued. “So he took on the beginnings of this franchise of many colleagues who Although already films, but had not filmed this grim order. Togeherten and I and Chris Hemsworth. He made sure we were all in the same direction moved. And before you knew it, you felt like in a sports crew, we all rowed in the same rhythm, we were in the race. “
“Robert has set the direction as a true leader and champion,” adds Chris Hemsworth. “He always encouraged and inspired us, gave us continuous feedback in our presentations. He always watches and everything, nothing escapes him. He’s always the first to say to you, ‘That was awesome ,that works perfectly. When I took my first steps in this franchise and hearing this confirmation, it was like releasing me access to the clubermeglichte. The strongest but impressed me, that despite all the successes 11Years later still has the same attitude and attitude. That’s the true one Proof of his modesty, far his love for this franchise and all these figures. He knows exactly what he owes to this franchise. [I’m very]Thankful that we spend so much time at AVENGERS: ENDGAME could – on set, but also privately. “
How does the balance of Robert Downey Jr. fall, what did he have in these 11Years ago, when he brought this cult figure Tony Stark to life, special joy provided? “Above all, I’ll remember the many memories of my colleagues and Colleagues appreciate all the moments and days we have on set and in ours Leisure time together, “says Robert Downey Jr.,” I can handle myself remember exactly how Tony Stark escaped from the HOhle [in Afghanistan] and finally landed in the Waste, we turned that in the Eastern Sierra [in California]. I was up to my neck in the sand, and a huge sandstorm pulled up. We had only a few minutes for this attitude and finally managedalso. As if God had held his hand above us. This attitude was then too in the movie. “
Stan Lee’s creation of Tony Stark was just amazingly cool, “says Robert Downey Jr. continues. “This figure is rooted in my generation, in this of Vietnam War influenced anti-establishment stance. But she was also from eccentric billionaires like Howard Hughes inspired. My own moral Values ​​have influenced the stories and content of these films, but have beenat the same time influenced by them. I tried facets of my own Development and also working method in these films to flow. And the upper one a long time, after all, it was a whole decade. Our life is all sometimes, and sometimes a decade can feel like a whole lifetime. “
For the actors and filmmakers was the production process ofAVENGERS: ENDGAME a great adventure together. And youEveryone can not wait for the fans to see the movie. RobertDowney Jr. finds the most suitable calf for this: “I’m really looking forward toDo not watch as the viewers will go completely crazy when theysee this movie. Because it’s the only movie in my entire career whereno one can really guess and predict what will happen. That guarantee I.”
“I love films and the cinema,” adds the world star. “There are several reasons for this. I love to be taken on a journey whose destination I do not know. I love to be surprised, excited, enthusiastic and happy and sometimes maybe a little bit over myself to learn. I am Be convinced that this movie gives viewers all that and much more will offer. “
The exporting producer Trinh Tran can only agree with this forecast:” When Tony says,” Everything has attached importance to this moment, that is the same Truth. This movie is the big epic showdown of all showdowns. The Spectators will experience the whole range of emotions here, because this one Film fulfills all the criteria for this, and it drums all dramaturgical buttons. “
“After all, all the meaningful stories have high stakes and Sacrificing sacrifices, “resumes Joe Russo.” AVENGERS: ENDGAME is the last chapter an unprecedented narrative mosaic that in 11 years made 9 franchises was composed. The audience can expect the exciting, powerful impressive and highly emotional conclusion of the most successful film series of all Times. “
AVENGERS: ENDGAME marks the end of an exciting journey fuller Emotions and enthralling action. But what Icemen are the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Expect Universe in the future? Producer Kevin Feige gives a first look” We have completed the first production decade of Marvel Studios. As a result, we do not just want to further develop the already introduced figures and let it mature. Rather, we want new pagans and new types of Bring heathens to the canvas. Vr want to offer a variety that Spectators so far did not know. We already have that in all our films shown, even with title characters like Black Panther or last Captain Marvel. This Line we remain loyal – in AVENGERS: ENDGAME and darner addition. Our Films should reflect our real world and also the different types of Gentiles around the globe. “


ROBERT     DOWNEY    JR. (Tony Stark/Iron Man) is a two-time Academy  Award®  nominee   who earned his most recent  Oscar® nomination for best supporting actor for  his work in Ben Stiller’s comedy hit “Tropic Thunder.” His performance as Kirk  Lazarus, a white Australian actor playing a black American character, also brought  him  Golden Globe®, BAFTA    and Screen  Actors Guild® (SAG)  award  nominations.  Downey  was  honored  with his first Oscar nomination in the category of best actor for his portrayal of Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenborough’s acclaimed biopic “Chaplin,”  for which he also won BAFTA   and  London Film Critics’ Circle awards and received a
Golden  Globe  Award nomination.

In early 2010, Downey won   a Golden  Globe®  Award for his performance in the title role of the 2009 hit “Sherlock Holmes,” under the direction of Guy Ritchie. In December   2011,  Downey   teamed up  with Ritchie and co-star Jude Law to return to the role of the legendary detective in the sequel, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game  of Shadows.”

In  summer 2008,  Downey  received praise from critics and audiences for his performance  in the title role of the blockbuster hit “Iron Man,” under the direction of Jon Favreau. Bringing the  Marvel Comics   Super Hero to the big screen, “Iron Man” earned  more than  $585 million worldwide, making it one of the year’s biggest hits. Downey  reprised his role in the successful sequel, which was  released in  May 2010. He  returned to the role in Joss Whedon’s “Marvel’s The   Avengers,” released in  May 2012,  which was the  highest-grossing film during its theatrical run and remains the sixth-highest-grossing film of all time, grossing over $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office.  Downey also starred in the third installment of the Iron Man franchise, “Iron Man 3,” directed  by Shane Black,  which was the third-highest-grossing film that year, as well as the  2015 summer   blockbuster “Avengers:  Age of Ultron.” He   went on to star in the  worldwide success  “Captain America:  Civil  War,”  which became the highest-grossing film of 2016. Downey followed that with “Spider-Man:   Homecoming,” which  was released  on July 7, 2017.

Last year, Downey  again starred as Tony Stark/Iron Man in Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated “Avengers: Infinity War,” which broke box-office records and has to date earned  over $2 billion in worldwide box-office receipts. Next up, Downey will star in Universal Pictures’ “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle,” which he also produced  under the   Team  Downey banner, the production company    he created with his wife, Susan.

In addition to his prolific work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Downey was also seen in the culinary-inspired film “Chef,” directed by Jon Favreau, which won the audience  award at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. That year, Downey also starred in
and executive produced  “The  Judge,” fetturing Robert Duvall and Billy Bob Thornton, under the  Team Downey  banner.

Downey’s   other recent films include “Due Date,” alongside Zach Galifianakis, for director Todd Phillips; “The Soloist,” opposite Jamie Foxx, for director Joe Wright; “Zodiac,” alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, for director David Fincher; “A Scanner Darkly,” with Keanu  Reeves, for director Richard Linklater; “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of  Diane  Arbus,” opposite Nicole  Kidman, for director Steven Shainberg; and “Kiss Kiss Bang   Bang,” alongside Val Kilmer, for director Shane Black. He also shared a SAG Award®   nomination as a member   of the ensemble cast of  George Clooney’s true-life drama   “Good Night, and Good Luck,” and a special jury prize won by the ensemble cast of “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints,” presented  at the 2006 Sunclance  Film Festival.

Downey’s long list of film credits also includes “Gothika,” “The Singing Detective,” “Wonder  Boys,” “U.S. Marshals,” “One  Night Stand,”  “Home for the Holidays,” “Richard III,” “Natural Born Killers,” “The Gingerbread Man,” “Short Cuts,” “Heart and Souls,” “Soapdish,” “Air America,”  “Chances Are,” “True Believer,” “Less Than Zero,” “Weird  Science,” “Firstborn” and “Pound,” in which he made his debut under the direction of Robert Downey  Sr..
On  the small screen,   Downey  made his primetime debut in 2000, when  he joined the cast of the series “Ally McBeal.” For his work on the show, he won  a Golden   Globe® Award   for best supporting actor in a series, miniseries or motion picture made  for television and  a  Screen Actors  Guild Award®   for  outstanding actor in a comedy series. In addition,  Downey was   nominated for  an     Emmy® Award  for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series.
CHRIS   EVANS   (Steve Rogers/Captain   America) has   emerged as one of  Hollywood’s most in-demand   actors for both big-budget and independent features, and  has proven  himself as a director as well. Last year,   Evans reprised his Captain America   role in  Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War,” which toppled box-office records  and has  made over  $2 billion at box
offices worldwide.
In April 2017, Evans  starred in Marc Webb’s “Gifted” alongside Mckenna Grace, Octavia  Spencer and  Jenny Slate.  He will next be seen in “Knives Out,” a murder mystery  directed by Rian Johnson, and  Gideon  Raffs  “The Red Sea Diving Resort’ as  An, a charming Israeli agent who assembles  a team to help with the rescue and transport of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1981.
In 2016, Evans  starred in Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War,” the highly anticipated follow-up to 2011’s “Captain America: The First  Avenger” and 2014’s “Captain America:  The Winter Soldier.” Evans reprised his role as the famed Marvel Comics   character Steve Rogers. “Captain   America: Civil War” was the top-grossing film of 2016 with more than $1.1 billion worldwide.
Evans   marked his feature film directorial debut with “Before We Go,” He also produced  and starred in the film alongside Alice Eve and Mark Kassen.  The film premiered  at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and was released by Radius   in September 2015, Prior to its release, the film garnered $1.53 million in VOD  and was the first pre-theatrical film of 3015 to reach both the top Son iTunes and the  top 10 on Rentrak’s  weekly digital chart.
In 2015, Evans starred in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” opposite Robert Downey   Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Mark  Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth,  and  was also seen  in the box-office hit “Marvel’s The Avengers” in 2012, which was the  first film to feature the Avengers. In 2014, Evans starred in Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer,” opposite Octavia Spencer, Tilda Swinton,  John Hurt and Ed Harris
His other film credits include Ariel Vromen’s drama “The Iceman,” opposite Michael Shannon;  Mark  Mylod’s comedy   “What’s Your  Number?,” opposite Anna  Faris;  Edgar Wright’s action comedy  “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” opposite Michael Cera; Sylvain White’s “The Losers,” with Jeffrey Dean  Morgan and Zoe Saldana;  “Push,”  opposite Dakota  Fanning; “Street Kings,” with Keanu Reeves  and Forest Whitaker; “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” opposite Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and loan Gruffudd; and  Danny Boyle’s critically acclaimed “Sunshine.” Additional credits include “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond,”  “Cellular,” “The Perfect Score,” “Fierce People,” “Puncture” and  the romantic drama “London.” Evans’ first cinematic role was in the 2001 hit comedic spoof “Not Another Teen Movie.”
Raised  in Massachusetts,  Evans began his acting career in theatre before moving to New York,  where he  studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Evans was recently the face of the Gucci fragrance Guilty. Philanthropies he regularly lends his time to include Boston Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish  and   Concord Youth  Theatre.
CHRIS HEMSWORTH  (Thor) has  become  one of the most  popular and  sought-after actors in Hollywood. In 2012, he starred as  Thor in the sixth-highest-grossing film of all time, “Marvel’s  The  Avengers.”  In 2015,  Hemsworth     starred in the   second installment of   Marvel  Studios’  global  juggernaut   “The   Avengers”   franchise, “Avengers:  Age  of  Ultron,” and  last year he   reprised Thor  for Marvel  Studios’ blockbuster  “Avengers:  Infinity War,” which holds the No.  4 spot  on the  highest- grossing-films-of-all-time chart
In June, Hemsworth   will star in F. Gary Gray’s “Men in Black: International,” in which he plays Agent H, opposite  Liam Neeson  and  Emma  Thompson.
Recently, Hemsworth   starred in the thriller “Bad Times at the El Royale,” with Jeff Bridges. He also recently starred alongside Michael Shannon,   Michael Pena,  William Fichtner and  Trevante Rhodes in Nicolai Fuglsig’s “12 Strong,” which tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11.
He   had earlier been introduced as the  hammer-wielding Super   Hero in the 2011 hit “Thor,” directed by Kenneth  Branagh.   Hemsworth reprised the title role in “Thor: The Dark World” in 2013  and in the third installment, “Thor Ragnarok,” released in 2017.
In 2012, he starred  in the action adventure “Snow   White and the  Huntsman,”  which opened   at No. 1 at the box office. In 2016, Hemsworth starred in the title role of the prequel, “The  Huntsman: Winter’s  War.”
Born  and raised in Australia, where  he started his acting career,  Hemsworth   made his U.S. feature film debut in J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster “Star Trek,” playing the pivotal role  of George  Kirk.   His additional  film credits include  Paul  Feig’s    comedy “Ghostbusters,” alongside Melissa  McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate   McKinnon and Leslie Jones; the comedy   “Vacation,” with Ed Helms, Christina  Applegate and Leslie  Mann; and  in Ron  Howard’s “In the Heart of the Sea.” He had  previously collaborated with Howard  on the true-life  drama “Rush,” portraying famed  Formula One  driver  James Hunt.
Among his favorite  charities,   Hemsworth   supports  the Australian    Childhood Foundation
Tony®   and   BAFTA    winner and four-time  Golden    Globe®   nominee  SCARLETT JOHANSSON   (Natasha   Romanoff/Black Widow)    was most recently seen  in  Marvel Studios’ blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War,” in which she reprised her role as Black Widow.
Last year, she also lent her voice to Wes   Anderson’s stop-motion  animated   comedy “Isle of Dogs.”
In 2017, Johansson   was   seen alongside Kate   McKinnon and   Zoe Kravitz in the R-rated   comedy “Rough Night” and in the lead role of the Major in “Ghost in the Shell.”
In 2016,   she starred in  “Captain America: Civil War,”  voiced the  python  Kaa  in Disney’s  live-action/CGI-animation  adaptation   of “The  Jungle   Book”   from  Jon Favreau, starred in the  Coen Brothers  film “Hail, Caesar!: and lent her voice to the animated  musical  comedy  film “Sing.” Her  other recent roles include Luc  Besson’s action-thriller “Lucy,” Jonathan Glazer’s sci-fi art film “Under the Skin,” and Spike
Jonze’s  critically acclaimed sci-fi romance “Her,”   where  she played  the  role of operating system    Samantha, which  earned  her  a best actress  award at the   Rome Film Festival. She is currently the highest-grossing actress of all time and was  the highest-grossing  actor of 2016, with her films making over $1.2 billion that year and $9.3 billion overall worldwide.
Johansson   received rave   reviews and the   Upstream Prize for best actress  in the Controcorrente section at the Venice   Film Festival for her starring role opposite Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation,” the critically acclaimed second film by director Sofia Coppola.   She also won a Tony®  for her Broadway   debut in the Arthur Miller play “A View  from  a Bridge” opposite Liev   Schreiber.  She   wrapped her second   run  on Broadway   as Maggie in “Cat on a Hot  Tin Roof in 2013.
At the age  of 12,  Johansson attained worldwide recognition for her  performance  as Grace   MacLean,  the teen  traumatized by a riding accident in Robert Redford’s “The Horse  Whisperer.” She  went on  to star in Terry Zwigoff’s “Ghost World,” garnering a best supporting actress   award from the Toronto  Film Critics Circle. Johansson  was also  featured in the Coen  Brothers’   dark drama  “The  Man    Who Wasn’t   There,” opposite Billy Bob Thornton and Frances McDormand.
Her other film credits include: Jon Favreau’s “Chef; “Marvel’s  The Avengers”;   “Don Jon,” opposite Joseph    Gordon-Levitt; “Hitchcock,” opposite Anthony  Hopkins;   “We Bought  a  Zoo”  for    Cameron Crowe;  the box-office hit “Iron Man   2”; the  Weitz brothers’ film “In Good Company”; as wen  as  opposite John Travolta in “A Love  Song for Bobby Long,”  which garnered  her a Golden    Globe® nomination (her third in two years); and    Woody Allen’s “Match Point,”  which garnered  her fourth   consecutive Golden  Globe nomination  in three years.  Other film credits include “He’s Just NotThat  Into You,” “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” “The Other Boleyn Girl,” “The Spirit,” “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” opposite Colin  Firth, “The Island,” opposite Ewan  McGregor, Brian DePalma’s   “The Black Dahlia,” Christopher Nolan’s  “The  Prestige,” and “The Nanny Diaries.”
Her  additional credits include Rob Reiner’s comedy “North”; the thriller “Just Cause,” with Sean Connery  and   Laurence Fishburne;  and a  breakthrough role at the age of 10 in the critically praised “Manny & Lo,” which  earned  her an  Independent Spirit
Award nomination  for best female lead.
A  New York native,  Johansson made  her professional  acting debut at the age of 8 in the  off-Broadway   production of “Sophistry,” with  Ethan   Hawke,  at New   York’s Playwrights Horizons.
Academy  Award®,   Golden   Globe®, BAFTA  and  Emmy®    nominee  MARK RUFFALO (Bruce  Banner)  is  one  of  Hollywood’s  most  sought-after actors, easily  moving between  stage and screen.  He has  worked with a diverse group  of talented directors, including Ang  Lee,  Martin Scorsese,  Michael  Mann,   Spike Jonze, David  Fincher, Fernando  Meirelles and Michel Gondry.
Last  year, Ruffalo  reprised  his role of Bruce   Banner/Hulk  in   Marvel Studios’ blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War.” In 2017, Ruffalo played Bruce  Banner/Hulk  in “Thor: Ragnarok”  and starred  on Broadway  in Arthur Miller’s “The Price.” Ruffalo is also set to executive produce  and  star in “I Know This  Much Is  True,” an eight- episode  limited series at HBO.
He has  been nominated  for three Academy  Awards®   for best supporting  actor in the last few years, for  Lisa Cholodenko’s   “The  Kids  Are All Right,” Bennett Miller’s “Foxcatcher” and  Thomas  McCarthy’s “Spotlight,” 2015’s best picture Oscar® winner. “Spotlight” followed The Boston Globe’s coverage  of the Catholic Church  sex  abuse scandal, for which the newspaper  won  the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for public service. The film won two Oscars (best picture and best original screenplay) out of six nominations at the 2016   Academy Awards.  The cast of the film  was awarded  the  Screen Actors Guild Award®  for outstanding  performance by a cast  in a motion picture, and the film
itself was nominated for a Golden Globe® Award  for best motion  picture —drama.
Ruffalo also received a  Golden Globe®   nomination in   2015 for his role in the Sony Pictures Classics film “Infinitely Polar Bear.” Earlier in 2015, Ruffalo reprised his role as Bruce   Banner/The Hulk  in “Avengers:  Age of Ultron,” the hit sequel to “Marvel’s
The  Avengers.”  Directed by  Joss  Whedon,   the film reunited Ruffalo with co-stars Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth,  Chris Evans  and  Robert Downey  Jr.

In 2014, Ruffalo received Academy     Award®,  Golden  Globe® Award,   Screen Actors Guild   Award®  and  BAFTA    Award  nominations for his role  as the late  Olympic wrestler David Schultz in Bennett Miller’s drama “Foxcatcher.” The film also received a  Golden Globe   nomination  for best motion picture —  drama.  He  also received a Screen  Actors  Guild Award, as well as  Golden Globe  and    Emmy® nominations, for his role as gay-rights activist Ned Weekein the HBO film “The  Normal  Heart,” based on the  play by Larry Kramer.  Directed by Ryan   Murphy, the film also starred  Julia Roberts  and Matt  Bomer  and  received  a total of 16   Emmy nominations, including outstanding  television movie. It also received a Golden  Globe   nomination for best miniseries or motion picture  made for television.

Ruffalo earned Academy     Award®, Screen  Actors Guild Award®,   BAFTA    Award  and Independent  Spirit  Award nominations  for his performance in  Focus  Features’ “The Kids   Are All Right,” directed  by  Lisa    Cholodenko. Along  with   that string of nominations, he  was  also honored with the  best supporting actor award by the  New York  Film Critics Circle.
In 2011,  Ruffalo  made his directorial debut  with  “Sympathy for  Delicious,” which starred  Orlando Bloom  and  Laura Linney and  won  the special jury prize for dramatic film at the Sundance  Film Festival.
Ruffalo  earned  critical recognition in 2000 for his role in Kenneth Lonergan’s “You Can   Count  on  Me,”  opposite Laura   Linney and  Matthew   Broderick.  The  Martin Scorsese—produced   film    won the   Grand  Jury  Prize for  best  film in  dramatic competition  and the  Waldo  Salt  Screenwriting Award  at the  2000   Sundance  Film Festival.
Ruffalo’s other film credits include “Thanks for Sharing,” “Now You See Me,” “Shutter Island,” “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,”  “Zodiac,” “The  Brothers Bloom,”  “Collateral,”  “13  Going on 30,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “In the Cut,” “Margaret,”  “Blindness,” “Just  Like  Heaven,” “Reservation  Road,” “All the King’s  Men,”  “What Doesn’t Kill You,” “My Life Without  Me,” “The Last Castle,”  “Windtalkers,” “XX/XY,” “Committed,” “Ride With the Devil,” “54,” “Safe Men,” “The Last Big Thing,” “A Fish in the Bathtub,” “Life/Drawing” and “Begin Again” alongside  Keira Knightley and  Hailee Steinfeld.
Ruffalo’s acting roots lie in the theater, where he first gained attention starring in the off-Broadway production  of “This Is Our Youth,” for which he won a Lucille Award for best actor. In 2017, he starred in Arthur Miller’s “The Price” on Broadway   opposite Danny  DeVito. In 2000, he was    seen in the off-Broadway  production “The   Moment When,”   a play by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award®   winner   James  Lapine. He   made his theater debut in “Avenue A” at The Cast Theater.
A writer, director and producer, Ruffalo co-wrote the screenplay for the  independent film “The Destiny  of Marty Fine.” In 2000, he directed Timothy McNeil’s original play “Margaret” at   the  Hudson Backstage   Theatre   in Los  Angeles.  Ruffalo has  also received   Dramalogue and  Theater  World Awards.   Ruffalo made  his  Tony   Award®—nominated    Broadway debut in the   2006 Lincoln Center Theater’s  revival of Clifford Odets’  “Awake  and Sing!”
Ruffalo advocates  for  addressing climate change and   increasing renewable  energy. In   March 2011, he  co-founded   Water   Defense to raise  awareness  about   energy extraction impact  on water and  public health. A regular contributor to the Guardian and  Huffington  Post, Ruffalo has received the  Global Green   Millennium Award  for Environmental  Leadership  and the Meerae  Gandhi Giving Back Foundation  Award.   He was   named  one of Time Magazine’s  People   Who Mattered in 2011  and received  The Big Fish  Award  from   Riverkeeper  in 2013.  Ruffalo helped launch    The Solutions Project in 2012  as part of his mission to  share science, business and  culture that demonstrates  the  feasibility of renewable energy.
JEREMY   RENNER (Clint Barton/Hawkeye) is an  American actor, musician and film producer. Over the course of more  than 20 years,  Renner has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most  versatile and respected actors.
Throughout  the  2000s,  he appeared largely in independent films such  as  “Dahmer” and “Neo   Ned.” Shortly thereafter he began  starring in blockbuster films, including “The Hurt Locker”  (Academy     Award®  nomination for best actor)  and “The   Town”
(Academy   Award    nomination for best  supporting actor), as  well  as starring in “Mission: Impossible-Rogue  Nation” alongside Tom  Cruise, “The  Bourne Legacy”  and originating the role of Hawkeye in “Marvel’s The Avengers.”
Renner  went on  to reprise the  role of  Clint Barton/Hawkeye   in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Captain America: Civil War.”
Recently,  Renner has  been on the big  screen  in the award-winning movie “Arrival”  with Amy    Adams and in the critically acclaimed picture “Wind River.” Last year he was seen  in the comedy   feature “Tag”   and voiced Swifty in the  animated feature “Arctic Justice,” set for a November release.
Renner  is currently working on a music album.
BRIE LARSON (Carol Danvers/Captain  Marvel)  won  the   2016 Academy    Award®, Golden   Globe®, Screen  Actors Guild  Award®,  BAFTA,  Critics’ Choice and National Board of  Review awards  for her  breakthrough  lead performance  in the film “Room,” directed by  Lenny Abrahamson   and  adapted  from  the best-selling book   by  Emma Donoghue,   about a  young  woman    and her  5-year-old  son who   finally gain their freedom  after being held captive for years.
Most recently,  Larson starred as Carol    Danvers/Captain Marvel in Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated female-led Super Hero film “Captain Marvel,” which   opened at No. 1 at the box office on March 8.
In 2017,  Larson starred in “The Glass Castle,” based on  the best-selling memoir by Jeannette Walls, reteaming her with director Destin Daniel Cretton. Earlier that year, she starred in Warner Bros.’ “Kong: Skull Island,” directed by Jordan  Vogt-Roberts, which  earned   $566 million worldwide, and the Martin Scorsese   executive-produced ’70s crime thriller “Free Fire,” directed by Ben Wheatley. The latter premiered at the 2016 Toronto  and London  film festivals.
Next up,  Larson will be seen in Cretton’s “Just Mercy,” alongside Michael B. Jordan, scheduled to  be released in January 2020. She  is also set to produce and star in the upcoming  “Victoria Woodhull” for Amazon Studios—about the first female candidate for the presidency of the United States.
In addition to acting, Larson is a writer and director. Her feature film directorial debut, “Unicorn Store,” premiered  at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. She also starred. A short film she wrote and directed, “The Arm,”  won the special jury award for comedic storytelling at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.
In 2013,  Larson starred in “Short Term 12,” her first collaboration with director Destin Daniel  Cretton. Her  dramatic role as  Grace,  the director of a foster care  facility, earned her best actress  wins at the Locarno Film Festival and Gotham  Awards, and  a best  actress nomination  at the  Critics’ Choice Awards.   The  Los   Angeles  Times labeled her the “It Girl” of the SXSW Film Festival, where the film first premiered.
Larson  has worked  with top directors and co-stars on  notable films, including Judd Apatow’s   “Trainwreck,” opposite writer/star   Amy  Schumer;   Rupert Wyatt’s   “The Gambler,”  opposite   Mark  Wahlberg;   James   Ponsoldt’s  “The   Spectacular  Now,” opposite   Shailene   Woodley and  Miles  Teller; Joseph  Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, “Don Jon”;  Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s “21 Jump Street” as the love interest to Jonah  Hill; Oren Moverman’s “Rampart”  as  the defiant daughter of Woody  Harrelson; Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”; and Noah Baumbach’s   “Greenberg”  as a young  temptress flirting with Ben Stiller.
Larson  is still widely recognized for her portrayal of Toni Collette’s sarcastic and rebellious daughter in   Showtime’s breakout comedy-drama    “United States of Tara,” which  was created  by   Academy  Award®—winning  writer Diablo  Cody  and  based  on an original idea by Steven Spielberg.
She  has   appeared onstage at  the prestigious Williamstown  Theatre Festival in the role of Emily in “Our Town” and recurred  on the FX cult favorite series “The League.” A native  of Sacramento, Larson started studying  drama at  the early age of 6, as the youngest   student  ever to  attend   the  American   Conservatory   Theater in   San Francisco. Larson currently resides in Los Angeles.
PAUL    RUDD   (Scott   Lang/Ant-Man) stars  as Ant-Man,  the role he  established in Marvel  Studios’ “Ant-Man” in 2015  and again   in “Ant-Man and  The  Wasp” in  2018. “Ant-Man”  also starred Michael Douglas  and Evangeline Lilly and opened No. 1 at the box  office. Rudd was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for best actor in an action movie  and an  MTV  Movie   Award for best hero on  behalf of his  performance in the movie.  Rudd  co-wrote  “Ant-Man” with  Adam McKay,    Edgar Wright  and Joe  Cornish and  was a writer  on  “Ant-Man and The Wasp”   as well. Rudd  was also seen as  Ant- Man  in Marvel Studios’ “Captain  America:  Civil War,” which grossed  over $1 billion worldwide.
Rudd’s  most  recent credits include Ben   Lewin’s WWII  dramatic spy-thriller  “The Catcher Was   a Spy,” starring opposite Paul Giamatti, Guy  Pearce and  Mark  Strong; Duncan  Jones’ “Mute,” which was  shot  in Berlin with Alexander Skarsgard and Justin Theroux;  and  Andrew Fleming’s   dramedy “Ideal Home,” opposite Steve Coogan.
Rudd   starred opposite  Will Ferrell, Steve CareII and   David  Koechner   in   Adam McKay’s    “Anchorman    2: The   Legend    Continues,”  reprising their roles   from “Anchorman:   The  Legend of Ron   Burgundy” for Paramount.  “Anchorman    2” grossed
over  $170 million worldwide and  received a People’s  Choice   Award  nomination for favorite year-end movie, as well as four MTh/ Movie Award nominations.
Rudd is also well  known  for his roles in Judd Apatow’s  “This  Is 40” and  “Knocked Up.” “Knocked  Up”  grossed over  $200  million worldwide, received a People’s Choice Award  for favorite movie   comedy,   a Critics’ Choice Award  nomination for  best comedy  movie  and  was    named  one of AFI’s top  10 films of the year. Additionally, “This Is 40” was  nominated for a 2013  Critics’ Choice Award for best  comedy movie, and  Rudd was nominated  for best actor in a comedy.
Rudd’s  other film credits include: “Role Models” (co-writer), “Wanderlust” (producer), “Our Idiot Brother,” “I Love You, Man,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Clueless,” “William Shakespeare’s    Romeo + Juliet,”  “Wet Hot    American Summer,”   “The Cider  House   Rules,” “The  Object  of  My Affection,” “They Came Together,”  “Prince    Avalanche,”  “Admission,”    “Dinner for  Schmucks,”      “The Fundamentals  of   Caring,” “How  Do You   Know,” “Monsters  Vs. Aliens,” “The   Ten” (producer), “Night at the Museum,” “Diggers” and  “The Château,” among  others.
Rudd  returned  to the Broadway  stage in  Craig  Wright’s “Grace,” starring opposite Michael   Shannon, Kate  Arrington and Ed   Asner at the Coil Theatre.   “Grace”  was nominated  for an Outer Critics Circle Award for outstanding new Broadway  play,  and Rudd   was nominated for a  Drama League   Award for distinguished performance.  His other stage credits include starring opposite Julia Roberts  and  Bradley Cooper   in Richard  Greenberg’s Broadway    production of “Three  Days  of Rain,” Neil  LaBute’s “Bash”  in both New  York  and   Los  Angeles, as well  as LaBute’s  “The  Shape   of Things” in  London and   New York. Rudd     made his  West End  debut in  the  London production  of  Robin  Phillips’ “Long Day’s Journey  Into Night,” opposite   Jessica Lange.  Other  Broadway  credits include Nicholas Hytner’s “Twelfth Night” at Lincoln Center   Theater   with  a special  performance    that  aired  on   PBS’s   “Great Performances,”  and  Alfred Uhry’s Tony   Award®—winning   play   “The Last Night  of Ballyhoo.”
On television, Rudd was the co-writer and co-creator of the critically acclaimed series “Party Down”  on Starz.  He also  garnered wide recognition with a recurring role  as Mike  Hannigan  on the TV sitcom “Friends.” In 2012, Rudd  won a Critics’ Choice   TV Award  for best guest performer in a comedy  for his guest-starring role on “Parks and Recreation.” In 2015,  Rudd  reprised his role as  Andy  in David Wain’s  “Wet   Hot American   Summer”  along with the original cast  for an eight-episode limited Netflix series based on the cult film.
With  a résumé that’s as varied and expansive  as it is rich in depth of the characters he  brings to life, Academy Award®  nominee  DON CHEADLE (James Rhodes/War Machine) is one of the most highly sought after and premier actors of his generation.
Turning in  consistently powerful  performances, Cheadle has  not only  taken   on challenging roles but put his talents into producing projects he believes in as well.
Most  recently Cheadle directed his first feature film, “Miles Ahead,” which he also co- wrote  and produced.  He also  starred in the film, based on the life of legendary jazz artist Miles Davis. The film co-starred Ewan  McGregor.  The film, which  closed  the New York Film Festival in October   2015,  was  released in spring  2016.   Cheadle received an NAACP   Image    Award nomination for his role, and “Miles Ahead” won the GRAMMY®   Award for best compilation soundtrack for visual media in 2017.
Cheadle starred as Marty Kaan   on the critically acclaimed Showtime series “House of Lies.” The  series ran from   2012 to  2016  and  had five tremendously  successful seasons. “House of Lies” has earned multiple   nominations for the series and Cheadle himself, including four  Emmy® nominalions,   an   NAACP  Image  Award   and  five additional   NAACP Image     Award nominations, a  Golden  Globe®   Award   and   two additional  Golden Globe®  nominations,  and a SAG   Award®   nomination. In additionto starring, he was also executive producer of the series and also stepped behind the camera as director.
In May 2016,   Cheadle reprised his role  of Lieutenant Colonel   James Rhodes,  from the 2010 and    2013 Marvel Studios mega-box-office-hit films “Iron Man 2”  and “Iron Man 3,”  in “Captain America: Civil War,” as he also did in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Last year,  Cheadle   again   donned  the  War   Machine  suit   for Marvel  Studios’ blockbuster  “Avengers: Infinity War.”
Cheadle  is  well known  for   his passionate   performances  on  stage and   screen, stemming   from his breakout  performance opposite  Denzel   Washington in “Devil in a Blue Dress,”  where  he  was  named  best supporting actor  by the  Los Angeles  Film Critics Association.
In 2014, Cheadle  produced  the feature “St. Vincent,” which starred Bill Murray  and Naomi  Watts  and for which  Murray received  a Golden Globe®   Award nomination.  In 2012,  Cheadle  garnered critical acclaim for his role in  Robert Zemeckis’ “Flight,” which  premiered  at the   New York Film  Festival and was   released by    Paramount Pictures. In 2011, Cheadle  produced  and starred in “The Guard,” which premiered  at the 2011 Sundance    Film Festival and was released by Sony Pictures Classics, and in 2008, he starred  opposite  Guy  Pearce in Overture  Films’ “Traitor,” an international thriller which he also produced.  Cheadle was  honored  by  both the CineVegas   Film Festival and  the Los Angeles  Film Festival and in 2007 received the ShoWest   Male Star of the Year Award.
Additional film credits include “Talk to Me”; the 2006 Oscar®—winning   best picture, “Crash,” which  Cheadle also   produced;  “Hotel Rwanda,” for which his   performance garnered   Academy   Award®,   Golden    Globe®, Broadcast   Film Critics Association Award  and    Screen Actors   Guild Award®    nominations for  best  actor;  “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Ocean’s Twelve”   and  “Ocean’s Thirteen,” directed by Steven   Soderbergh; Mike Binder’s “Reign Over  Me” with  Adam Sandler;  the Academy   Award—winning  film “Traffic” and  “Out  of Sight,” both also  directed   by  Soderbergh;   Paul   Thomas Anderson’s  critically acclaimed “Boogie Nights”; “Bulworth”; “Swordfish”; “Mission to Mars”; John   Singleton’s “Rosewood,” for which  Cheadle earned an  NAACP     Image Award  nomination;  “The Family  Man,”  directed by Brett Ratner and starring Nicolas Cage;  “Colors”; “Hamburger Hill”; and the independent features  “Manic” and  “Things
Behind the Sun.”
For his  work  on television,  Cheadle  received  a Golden    Globe® Award    and  an Emmy®    nomination  for his remarkable portrayal of Sammy   Davis Jr. in HBO’s  “The Rat  Pack” in  1999. That   same year,  he received   an    Emmy® nomination  for his starring role in  HBO’s  adaptation of the critically acclaimed best-selling novel “A Lesson   Before  Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines.  He  also starred for HBO  in  “Rebound: The  Legend  of Earl The Goat’ Manigault,” directed by Eriq  La Salle. Cheadle is also well known for his two-year stint in the role of District Attorney John Littleton on David E. Kelley’s critically acclaimed series “Picket Fences,” an Emmy®-nominated    guest-starring role on “ER,” and a series-regular; role on “The Golden Palace.”

Cheadle  also  participated in Showtime’s multi-part television event “Years of Living Dangerously,”  which tells the story of our time: climate  change and the impact it is having on  people right now in the U.S. and all over the world. The  series reports on the crippling effects of  climate   change-related weather   events  and  the  ways individuals, communities, companies and  governments  are struggling to find solutions to the biggest threat  our  world  has ever  faced. News  correspondents Thomas Friedman, Chris  Hayes and  Lesley Stahl report from across the globe, and  Cheadle, Harrison  Ford  and  Matt Damon,    among  others, share the stories of people   and

places impacted by a   warming planet.
An  accomplished   stage actor, Cheadle originated the role of Booth   in Suzan-Lori Parks’ Pulitzer Prize—winning play “Topdog/Underdog” at New   York’s Public Theatre, under the  direction of George C. Wolfe. His other stage credits include “Leon, Lena and  Lenz” at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis; “The  Grapes of Wrath” and “Liquid Skin” at  the Mixed  Blood  Theatre in Minneapolis;  “Cymbeline”  at the   New  York Shakespeare Festival; “uis  Pity She’s a Whore” at Chicago’s Goodman   Theatre;  and Athol Fugard’s “Blood Knot” at  The Complex  Theater  in Hollywood. He also directed “Cincinnati Man” at the Attic Theatre and “The Trip” at Friends and Artists Theater in
In addition to his  many acting honors,  Cheadle   was  nominated for  a  GRAMMY® Award  in  2004 for best  spoken  word album   for his narration/dramatization of the Walter Mosley novel “Fear Itself.”
Cheadle’s  philanthropic work includes serving as a U.N. Ambassador   for the United Nations   Environment Programme.    He also  produced  the  documentary film “Darfur Now,” an  examination  of the genocide in  Sudan’s western  region  of Darfur and, in 2007, he  and  George Clooney   were   recognized for their work for Darfur. The pair shared a   Peace   Summit Award  at the  8th Annual World   Summit  of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in  Rome.
DANAI  GURIRA (Okoye) is an  award-winning playwright and actress. Gurira was last seen  in Marvel Studios’ blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War,” in which she reprised her role of Okoye from the  Academy Award®—nominated “Black Panther.”
As  a playwright, her works include “In the   Continuum” (OBIE Award,  Outer Critics Circle Award,  Helen Hayes  Award); “Eclipsed” (Tony Award®  nomination: best  play; NAACP  Award; Helen Hayes  Award: best new play; Connecticut Critics Circle Award: outstanding   production of a play) and  “The   Convert” (six  Ovation Awards,   Los Angeles  Drama Critics Award)
Gurira’s newest play, “Familiar,” received its world premiere at Yale Rep in 2015 and premiered  in New York at Playwrights  Horizons in February 2016.  She is a recipient of the Sam   Norkin Award at the  2016 Drama  Desk Awards,  a  Whiting Award, and  a Hodder  Fellow, and   has been    commissioned by  Yale Rep,  Center  Theatre Group, Playwrights  Horizons and   the Royal Court. She   is currently developing a  pilot for HBO.
As an actor, Gurira  has appeared in the films “The Visitor” and “Mother of George,” and  she  also played Isabella in  NYSE’s   “Measure for Measure”   (Equity Callaway Award). She currently plays Michonne on AMC’s “The Walking   Dead”   (NAACP  Image Award  nomination)   and starred as Afeni Shakur in 2017’s  Tupac  Shakur biopic “All Eyez  on Me.”
Gurira  was born in the U.S. to Zimbabwean    parents  and  raised in Zimbabwe.   She serves   as an     ambassador  for Bono’s  ONE     campaign and  is   the founder  of LOGpledge.org,   an awareness-building    campaign focused  on  the plights of  women and  girls around the globe. She is also the co-founder of Almasi Arts, which works to give access and opportunity to African dramatic artists.
Gurira holds an MFA from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.
BRADLEY COOPER    (Voice of Rocket) was   most recently seen in Clint  Eastwood’s “The Mule,” which   opened in theaters last December. Also in 2018, Cooper starred in and  directed the   acclaimed     Oscar®—nominated film “A  Star Is Born.” The  film, nominated  for best picture and with best actor noms for both Cooper  and Lady  Gaga, went on  to win best original song. “A Star Is Born” also picked up Golden Globe® and BAFTA  awards for original music.
Last  year,  Cooper also  voiced   Rocket in Marvel Studios’   blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War,” reprising the role he made famous in Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy”  and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”
In 2016, Cooper starred in Warner  Bros.’ “War Dogs,”  directed and produced by  Todd Phillips. Cooper  also  served as   a producer  on the  film  under his and Phillips’ production  company, Joint Effort.
Cooper’s   upcoming projects include “Black Flags,” a television series for HBO based on the  book “Black  Flags: The  Rise  of ISIS,” which Cooper   and Phillips will also executive produce under their Joint Effort production banner.
In 2016, Cooper   reunited with David  0. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence   and Robert  De Niro for the Golden Globe®—nominated    “Joy.” The film was released by 20th  Century Fox. In the fall of 2015, Cooper starred in “Burnt,” directed by John Wells and written by Steven Knight, alongside Daniel  Brit! and Sienna Miller. The film was released by The  Weinstein Company.
In 2015, Cooper completed  a  two-and-a-half-month   London   run of the play  “The Elephant Man”  at the  Theatre  Royal Haymarket  in the  West  End, directed by Scott Ellis. Cooper reprised his  role as  John Merrick, alongside  Patricia  Clarkson  and Alessandro  Nivola. In the  fall of 2014, Cooper   performed  the play  at the  Booth Theater  on Broadway,  which garnered  him a  Tony® nomination  for best leading actor in a play, an Outer Critics Circle nomination for outstanding actor in a play, a Drama League   Award  for distinguished  performance   and a  Drama   Desk  nomination  for outstanding   actor in   a play.  The     Broadway  production  received   five  Tony
nominations, including best revival of a play. Cooper previously performed the role on the  Nikos Stage at the  Williamstown Theatre Festival in the summer    of 2012, also directed by Ellis alongside the  same cast. In July 2015, Cooper  reprised his role as Ben  in the Netflix remake  of  “Wet  Hot American   Summer:    First Day, of  Camp,” alongside Amy  Poehler,  Michael Ian Black and John Slattery.

In 2014, Cooper   co-produced   and started in Clint Eastwood’s   and   Warner Bros.’ critically acclaimed, Oscar®—nominated    film “American Sniper,”  which  became  the top-grossing film of 2014.  Cooper’s   performance as  celebrated   Navy  SEAL  Chris Kyle garnered   him his third Oscar nomination, a Producers Guild   Award nomination, and  won a Broadcast  Film Critics Association Award and  an MTV  Movie  Award.  The film is based on   an adaptation of the  autobiography  of Navy   SEAL   Chris  Kyle, “American  Sniper:  The  Autobiography  of  the Most  Lethal  Sniper in U.S. Military History.” Cooper   optioned   the book  in   2012 under   his  production    company. “American  Sniper” was released  on December  25, 2014.

Also in 2014, Cooper   was nominated  for an Oscar® for best supporting  actor for his portrayal as the  unhinged FBI Agent  Richie DiMaso  in the David 0.  Russell   drama “American  Hustle,”  starring opposite  Christian Bale, Amy    Adams    and  Jennifer Lawrence.  “American  Hustle”  was  nominated for  10 Academy    Awards®,   including best picture. Cooper received  nominations  for a BAFTA   Award  for best  supporting actor, a Broadcast  Film Critics Association Award, a Satellite Award and  a   Golden Globe®  nomination for best performance  by an actor  in a supporting role in a motion picture. The  cast   received  the  Screen  Actors  Guild Award®   for  outstanding performance  by a cast in a motion picture.
In the  same year,  Cooper lent his voice for the character Rocket in Marvel Studios’ 2014   smash action-adventure  “Guardians of the Galaxy,” directed by James Gunn.
In April  2013, Cooper   starred opposite    Ryan Gosling, Eva     Mendes  and   Dane DeHaan   in  the critically acclaimed Focus Features  film “The   Place  Beyond   the Pines,” directed by Derek Cianfrance. The film was recognized  by the National  Board of  Review as one of its top 10 independent films of 2013.
Also in 2013,  Cooper starred  opposite Ed  Helms and   Zach Galifianakis in the third installment of the  comedy trilogy, “The Hangover Part Ill.” Cooper also starred in the previous installments, all directed by Todd Phillips, which collectively grossed over $1.4 billion globally. “The Hangover Part II” smashed   opening-weekend   records for an R-rated comedy,    and “The Hangover,”   which grossed  $469.2 million  worldwide, still ranks domestically as the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever.
In 2012, Cooper   was nominated  for an  Oscar® for best actor for his portrayal of Pat Solitano  in the  critically acclaimed  Weinstein Company      drama “Silver  Linings Playbook.” The  film, directed by David 0.  Russell and starring Jennifer   Lawrence, Robert  De Niro, Jacki Weaver  and Chris  Tucker, was nominated  for eight    Academy Awards®,   including best picture. Cooper was   recognized by the National  Board  of Review for best actor  and won the Broadcast Film  Critics Association Award for best actor in a comedy. Cooper  also  received a   Golden  Globe®   nomination  for best performance  by   an actor in a motion picture  — comedy  or   musical and a   Screen
Actors Guild Award®   nomination  for outstanding performance   by a male actor  in a leading role, as well as nominations from the Independent Spirit Awards for best male lead, and the BAFTAs  for best leading actor.
In March   2011, Cooper  starred opposite  Robert De Niro and  Abbie   Cornish in the box-office smash “Limitless,” distributed by Relativity Media  and   directed by Neil Burger.  Cooper also served as a producer on  the film.

Cooper’s   additional film credits include ‘The Words,” “The A-Team,”  “New   York, I Love   You,” “He’s Just  Not That Into You,” “Hit and   Run,” “Yes  Man,” “All  About Steve,” “Wedding   Crashers,” “Wet Hot American   Summer,” “Aloha” and  “Serena.”

Cooper  made  his    Broadway debut in the spring of 2006 in Joe Montello’s production of “Three Days   of Rain,” opposite Julia Roberts  and  Paul Rudd.   In July 2008, he joined the cast  of the critically acclaimed Theresa Rebeck  play “The   Understudy,” which  premiered at  the Williamstown  Theatre Festival to rave reviews  and sold-out performances.
On television, Cooper  portrayed the   character of Will Tippin on the hit ABC series “Alias,” which was on the air for five seasons.  Cooper also starred in the FX  Drama “Nip/Tuck” as well as Fox’s  single-camera  comedy  “Kitchen Confidential,” based  on the trials and tribulations of renowned  chef  Anthony  Bourdain. His other television credits include “Jack & Bobby” and a guest  appearance  on “Sex and  the City.”
In  March 2012,  Cooper  and  Warner Bros.  entered into a two-year  first-look deal for his production company,  22nd  & Indiana  Pictures. In 2015, Cooper joined forces with longtime  friend and partner Todd Phillips to form production company  Joint Effort as
producing  partners  for a  three-year first-look production deal with  Warner  Bros. Pictures.
Born in   Philadelphia, Cooper   graduated  with honors  in  the English  program  at Georgetown    University. After moving to NYC, he obtained his master’s in the fine arts program at the Actors  Studio Drama School.
Scottish-born actress KAREN GILLAN (Nebula) quickly made  her mark  in Hollywood as a young  talent who  can  do both comedy  and drama,  big-budget  films and quirky indies, as demonstrated  by her diverse résumé.
Next   up for Gillan is “Stuber,” an action comedy   about an  Uber  driver who  gets caught  up in an   adventure; the animated  “Spies in Disguise,” in  which she voices Eyes; and “All Creatures Here Below,”  a drama  about a young couple on  the run.
In  2018, Gillan reprised her memorable   role of Nebula in Marvel  Studios’ mega-hit “Avengers:  Infinity War.” Gillan first played   Nebula in  2014 in  Marvel  Studios’ “Guardians  of the Galaxy,” directed by James Gunn,  and went  on to play her again in “Guardians  of the Galaxy Vol. 2” in 2017.
Last year, GilIan’s feature film directorial debut, “The Party’s Just Beginning,” which she also wrote   and starred in, was released. Filmed in her hometown   of Inverness, Scotland, the film follows the story of a girl named Liusaidh, who is dealing with the suicide of her best friend
In  2017, Gillan also starred as the   coveted  female  lead role in Sony’s “Jumanji: Welcome   to  the Jungle” as Martha/Ruby  Roundhouse    opposite Dwayne   “The  Rock” Johnson.  She is now filming the untitled sequel.
Also in 2017, she  co-starred opposite Emma     Watson and Tom  Hanks  in STX’s  “The Circle,” which is adapted from Dave Eggers’ best-selling novel of the same name.
In  2016, GilIan appeared  in the  revenge  Western   film “In a Valley of Violence,” produced  by  Blumhouse  Productions   and  written and directed by Ti West. In 2015, she  also appeared  in a cameo   role in Paramount’s   Academy Award®—winning film “The  Big Short.”
In the fall of 2014, Gillan starred in the role of Eliza Dooley in the new ABC comedy “Selfie” from creator Emily  Kapnek. The sitcom  took  a modern twist on the  classic “My Fair Lady.”
In May 2009, Gillan was cast in the iconic role of Amy Pond, the Doctor’s  companion, in the long-running hit British science-fiction television series “Doctor Who.” Gillan played the role for three seasons. Gillan garnered  several awards for her portrayal, including Cosmopolitan’s Woman of the Year Award   for best actress in 2010;  SFX Award’s  best actress; a TV Choice Award  for best actress; and a Scream   Award  for best sci-fi. The award-winning  show has a huge following globally and it is broadcast on  BBC  America in the U.S.
GilIan’s other credits include the BBC drama “We’ll  Take Manhattan,”  as well as the romantic lead in John McKay’s   romantic comedy   “Not  Another Happy  Ending.”   She was also seen in the box-office success  thriller film “Oculus,” which was written and directed by Mike Flanagan  and was  released by  Relativity Media in April 2014.
Growing  up in Inverness, Scotland, as an only child, Gillan caught the acting bug at a young  age and   set the bar high by joining several local youth theatre groups  and taking part in a wide range  of  productions at Charleston Academy. Gillan  pursued acting at  Edinburgh’s  Telford College  and  at  Performing  Arts Studio   Scotland, studying under   renowned   theater director Scott  Johnston.   She later  moved   to London,  at the age of 18, to study drama at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy  of Theatre  Arts. The  511″ actress   briefly fell into the world of modeling while  she continued  to pursue her acting career. Gillan resides in New York.
Oscar0—winning   actress GWYNETH PALTROW  (Pepper Potts), whose 1998 turn in “Shakespeare   in  Love” garnered  her  best actress honors  at the   Golden   Globe® Awards,  Screen  Actors Guild Awards®   and Academy    Awards®, is also a  decorated
author and singer.
Paltrow  is well-loved for her role of Pepper Potts, the love interest of Tony Stark/Iron Man  (played by  Robert Downey  Jr.) in Marvel Studios films. She was   most recently seen in  the blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War.”  She   has also played  Pepper  in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”  and in all three “Iron Man” films.
Paltrow  is currently filming episodes of “The Politician,” a Netflix series that will start
airing on September  27.
In 2011, she   won an    Emmy® for outstanding guest actress in a comedy   series for playing  substitute teacher Holly Holliday on “Glee,” and her song   “Coming   Home,” from the soundtrack  for “Country Strong,” was nominated  for an   Oscar®  (the album went gold).

Other notable film credits include “Proof’ (for which she received a  Golden   Globe® nomination),   Wes Anderson’s   “The Royal Tenenbaums,”    Anthony  Minghella’s  “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” David  Fincher’s “Seven,” the Farrelly brothers’ “Shallow Hal,”
Alfonso  Cuaran’s  “Great  Expectations,”° Douglas  McGrath’s   “Emma”   and “Sliding Doors.”

In addition, Paltrow has authored  two  New  York Times best-selling cookbooks,   “My Father’s Daughter”  (2011)  and “It’s All Good” (2013) — the latter hit No. 1. She also co-wrote “Spain  … A Culinary Road Trip” with acclaimed chef Mario Batali after their PBS    documentary, “Spain … on the Road Again,” which  was about Spanish food  and culture, aired. Paltrow’s latest cookbook, “It’s All Easy,” was released in April 2016.
In 2008, Paltrow   launched   Goop, a brand  devoted to making   every choice  count, where  food,  shopping   and  mindfulness   collide. In particular, Goop has gained acclaim for its focus on health, wellness and clean  eating, as well as its city guides, an insider’s perspective on the very best places  to eat, shop and stay in the world’s most  compelling destinations.
Academy   Award®—nominated   actor  JOSH  BROLIN   (Thanos)  continues to  balance challenging roles in  both   mainstream   studio  productions and   thought-provoking independents.
Last year, Brolin starred as the multi-layered villain, Thanos, in Marvel Studios’ star- studded  blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War.” He went on to star as Cable, opposite Ryan   Reynolds, in the  sequel “Deadpool 2.” He  followed that film up with “Sicario: Day  of the Soldado,” in  which  he reprised his  role as special agent Matt Graver opposite Benicio Del Toro’s mercurial Alejandro.
Brolin is currently filming  Warner Bros.’  “Dune,” the feature  adaptation  of Frank Herbert’s science  fiction novel, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film is slated for a November  2020 release.
Brolin recently led an all-star cast in Joseph Kosinski’s film “Only the Brave,” the true story of the Granite Mountain  Hotshots, an elite crew of firefighters who fought the Yarndell Hill Fire in June 2013. The film was released by Columbia Pictures in 2017.
Other recent credits include Joel and Ethan  Coen’s    comedy “Hail, Caesar!” opposite George  Clooney,    Channing   Tatum  and   Tilda Swinton; “Everest,”  opposite  Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason  Clarke and  John  Hawkes; “Sin City: A    Dame to Kill For,” directed by Robert  Rodriguez and  Frank Miller; and Paul Thomas   Anderson’s “Inherent Vice,” an adaptation of the Thomas    Pynchon detective  novel of the same  name,  alongside an all-star cast, including Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon  and  Owen Wilson.
Other notable credits include the Coen brothers’ “True Grit,” which was nominated for 10 Academy   Awards®,  including best picture, and Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street: Money Never   Sleeps,” opposite  Shia LaBeouf   and   Michael  Douglas. He   received  rave reviews for his portrayal of George W. Bush  in Oliver Stone’s biopic “W.”
In 2008, Brolin  was  nominated for an   Academy  Award®  and a  Screen Actors  Guild Award®,  and received  awards  from the  New York Film Critics Circle and the National Board of Review,  for his portrayal of  Dan White in  Gus Van  Sant’s  acclaimed film “Milk.”

Prior to that, Brolin earned a Screen Act&s Guild Award®  as part of an ensemble  for his work in the  Coen brothers’ “No  Country for Old Men,”  which won  four   Academy Awards®, including best picture  and best  director. Additionally, Brolin starred in Ridley Scott’s blockbuster “American  Gangster”  and    was  nominated for a  Screen Actors Guild Award as part of that ensemble.

Other film  credits include: “Labor Day,” directed by  Jason  Reitman;  Spike  Lee’s “Oldboy”; “Gangster Squad”;   “Men  in Black 3”; “Planet Terror,” part of the critically acclaimed   Quentin Tarantino and   Robert Rodriguez   double feature  “Grindhouse”; “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,”  opposite Anthony  Hopkins  and   Naomi Watts; “In the Valley of Elah”; John Stockwell’s “Into the Blue”; Victor Nunez’s “Coastlines”; Paul Verhoeven’s  blockbuster hit   “Hollow Man”; Scott Silver’s  “Mod  Squad”;  Ole Bornedal’s psychological thriller “Nightwatch”; “Best  Laid Plans,”  opposite  Reese Witherspoon,  produced  by   Mike Newell; “All the Rage”;  and Guillermo  del Toro’s
science-fiction thriller “Mimic.” Brolin also received recognition  from critics and audiences  in David 0. Russell’s “Flirting with Disaster,” portraying a bisexual federal agent  alongside an outstanding  ensemble cast led by Ben Stiller. Brolin made  his feature-film debut starring in the action-comedy classic “The Goonies,”  directed by Richard  Donner for producer Steven  Spielberg.
On television, Brolin made  his mark  as a series regular in the popular  ABC series “The Young  Riders,” as well as “Private Eye”  and  “Winnetka Road”  for NBC. Brolin also received critical praise in the TNT epic miniseries “Into the West,” opposite Beau Bridges, Gary  Busey and  Jessica Capshaw.   In addition, Brolin starred in the title role of NBC’s acclaimed  political drama “Mister Sterling.”
As a producer, Brolin joined Matt Damon,  Chris Moore, Anthony   Arnove and   Howard Zinn in a documentary  entitled “The People Speak,” based in part on Zinn’s influential 1980 book   “A People’s History of  the United States.” The film, which aired on the History  Channel in 2009,  looked at  America’s struggles with war, class, race  and women’s  rights, and featured readings  by Viggo Mortensen,  Sean Penn  and  David Strathairn, among others. Brolin made his directing debut in 2008 with a short entitled “X,” which  he  also  wrote   and produced.  It   premiered at  the  Santa   Barbara International Film Festival before screening at such festivals as South by Southwest
and  the AFI Dallas Film Festival.
TESSA THOMPSON  (Valkyrie) has a  long-standing  career that reached  special prominence  with her role as the female lead in the  Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer  Pictures film  “Creed,” from   award-winning filmmaker  Ryan Coogler. The film explored a new chapter in the “Rocky” story and starred Michael B. Jordan and  Sylvester Stallone in his iconic role. Thompson starred as Bianca, a local singer- songwriter  who    becomes involved with Adonis  (Michael B. Jordan).  The  film was released on November   25,  2015, and garnered critical acclaim and award  accolades for the cast. The National Board of Review selected “Creed” as one  of the top films of
In 2018, Thompson   reprised  her role in “Creed II,” opposite Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, and also  starred in “Little Woods” with Lily James. Additionally, she  was seen in “Furlough” with Melissa Leo, Anna  Paquin,  Whoopi Goldberg and  La Anthony.
In 2017, Thompson   made  her Marvel  Cinematic Universe   debut in the Taika Waititi— directed “Thor: Ragnarok.”  She played Valkyrie, opposite Chris Hemsworth  and  Mark Ruffalo. Following “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thompson    starred opposite  Natalie Portman in the sci-fi thriller “Annihilation” for director Alex Garland and producer Scott Rudin.
Next  up,    Thompson will star  in  “Men  in Black:   International,” opposite Chris Hemsworth   and  Liam   Neeson, and as the  voice of Lady in  Disney’s “Lady and  the Tramp.”
Thompson  also stars in the hit HBO drama series ”Westworld,” which premiered   on October  2,  2016.    Described as  a  dark    odyssey about  the  dawn of artificial consciousness  and the  future of sin, “Westworld,” from  Jonathan   Nolan  and J.J. Abrams,  is  inspired  by  the 1973  feature from writer-director  Michael  Crichton. Thompson    plays Charlotte Hale, a mysterious  and savvy  provocateur with a  unique perspective on Westworld.
In the spring of 2016, Thompson     made her off-Broadway  debut in the Second  Stage Theater  production of Lydia R.  Diamond’s   “Smart People,”  appearing   alongside a cast that also included  Joshua Jackson, Mahershala    Ali and Anne  Son, for director
Kenny  Leon.   “Smart  People” began previews   January 26   ahead of  a February  11 opening  and ran through  March 6, 2016.
In 2016, she filmed the action-comedy  “War  on Everyone,”  about  two corrupt cops in New  Mexico who  set out to blackmail and frame  every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Theo  James, Alexander Skarsgard  and Michael  Pena  also starred for director John Michael McDonagh.
Thompson portrayed   the civil-rights activist Diane Nash in  the Brad  Pitt/Oprah Winfrey-produced film “Selma.” After its initial premiere at the American Film Institute Festival on November    11, 2014, the film had a wider theatrical release on January 9, 2015,   and a commemorative re-release  on March   20, 2015,  in honor of the 50th anniversary of  the historical march.  It garnered  nominations  for best picture and awards  for best original song at both the   Golden Globe®   and Academy  Awards®, and additional best director and best actor nominations at the Golden Globes.
Thompson  also starred in the critically acclaimed 2014 film “Dear White People.” The Justin Simien  independent satirical drama, which followed  the lives of various black students at an American  university, hit theaters on October 17, 2014, after its debut at the 2014 Sundance   Film Festival.  Thompson’s    performance as   Samantha  White landed  her a   Gotham  Award  for  breakthrough actor, as  well as  a nomination for outstanding actress in a motion picture for the 46th Annual  NAACP Image  Awards.
In 2010,   Thompson  starred as Nyla/Purple in Tyler  Perry’s film “For Colored Girls” alongside  an  ensemble  cast  of co-stars, including  Hollywood heavyweights   Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg,  Phylicia  Rashad    and Kerry  Washington.    The film portrayed a series  of  African-American women,  each  of   whom dealt with their own personal  struggles and  conflicts  such as  love,  abandonment, rape, infidelity and abortion.

Thompson started her career at the  yoting age of  18 with her  professional debut playing  Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet: Antebellum New   Orleans   1836,” for which she received an NAACP  Image  Award  nomination.  She then   went on to her first feature
film  appearance as Scarlet in the  2006 remake  of the horror film “When a  Stranger Calls.” Between  2008 and  2009,  she also appeared   in the films “Make It Happen,” The  Human Contract,” “Periphery,”  “Red & Blue  Marbles” and  “Mississippi Damned,”

for which she was awarded  a grand jury prize for best actress.
On  top of these  early  theater  and film features,  Thompson’s    career has  also extended  into the television arena. She is best known for her role as series regular Jackie Cook on the second   season of the hit CW teen noir drama “Veronica Mars.”
Thompson   also  starred as Sara  Freeman  on BBC America’s first original scripted program, “Copper,” from  2012 to  2013. The  show  followed an Irish immigrant police officer in 1860$  New York City  and explored the effects of the American  Civil War and  the  social stratification between  New   York’s aristocracy  and  the African- American  population.
Thompson’s  other television  credits include guest roles as Rebecca   Taylor on the fourth season of NBC’s  hit sci-fi drama “Heroes”; Billie Ducette in CBS’s police series “Cold Case”;  Camille on ABC’s   medical series “Grey’s  Anatomy”;  and Nikki Barnes on the CW’s  teen drama  “Hidden  Palms.”   She has also appeared   as a guest star in shows  such as “Life,” “Private Practice,” “Detroit 187,” “Rizzofi & Isles,” “Off the Map” and “666  Park Avenue.”
Thompson   currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New  York.
BENEDICT  WONG  (Wong) has  had a variety of roles on stage and screen over the last 25  years.  His film credits include “Dirty Pretty Things”  (for which  he  was nominated  for best supporting actor at the British Independent Film Awards);  Danny Boyle’s  “Sunshine”; Duncan   Jones’ “Moon”   and  Ridley Scott’s   “Prometheus” and “The Martian.”
Wong   was most recently seen in  Alex Garland’s “Annihilation” and next stars in Ang Lee’s  “Gemini  Man.” He is also  voicing Bull in Disney’s  upcoming  “Lady  and the Tramp.”
He first played  Wong in Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” in 2016  and most recently reprised the character for 2018’s mega-hit “Avengers: Infinity War.”
Television credits include “Deadly Class,” “Black Mirror,” “Top Boy,” “The IT Crowd,” “Run,” “The Wrong   Mans” and the Netffix series “Marco Polo.”
On  stage, Wong   has appeared  as Laertes in “Hamlet” at the Young Vic,  and played critically acclaimed lead roles on stage in London, from Ai Weiwei in “The Arrest of Al Weiwei” to Zhang  Lin in the Olivier Award—winning “Chimerica.”
ANTHONY  and  JOE RUSSO  (Directors) made their Marvel  cinematic directorial debut with the box-office blockbuster  “Captain America: The  Winter Soldier.” After a record-breaking  opening  weekend, the film  went on to gross more  than $713 million worldwide. They   followed the film with Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War,” which recorded a $179 million opening   weekend on  its way to grossing $1.15 billion at the worldwide box office.
Last year, the duo  helmed Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated “Avengers: Infinity War,”  which broke  box-office records  in its opening  weekend and, 11  days after release, crossed the  $1  billion mark worldwide, breaking the record  for the shortest time to reach  $1 billion in box-office receipts. The film’s worldwide box office exceeds  $2 billion to date, making it the highest-grossing Marvel Studios film thus far.
The   Russo brothers  were born a year apart in Cleveland, Ohio,  where  they grew up on the east side, and  graduated from  Benedictine High School  before embarking on their film careers (Anthony in ’88 and Joe in ’89). In 1994, they used credit cards and student loans to finance “Pieces,” an experimental comedy   about a criminally inclined trio of brothers. They shot the film in and around Cleveland with the help of numerous friends and  family. Their gamble  paid off  when the  film screened at  both theSlamdance  and  American Film  Institute festivals in 1997, earning Joe a best actor award  from the latter.
The  Slamdance   screening   caught the attention of  filmmaker  Steven   Soderbergh, who,  along  with his  producing  partner George   Clooney,   asked  to  produce  the brothers’ second film, the crime comedy   “Welcome to Collinwood.”
Kevin  Reilly was   rebuilding the   FX   network  when he  first saw  “Welcome    to Collinwood,”  and  he asked the  pair to direct the pilot for his new flagship comedy, “Lucky.”  In downtown  Las  Vegas,  where the  show  was set, Anthony  and Joe used handheld  camera   work and a guerrilla  shooting style to capture the edgy, absurdist tone of the show,  producing a pilot that became an industry favorite.
Among   the pilot’s fans was  Imagine  Entertainment   co-founder Ron  Howard,   who, along with writer Mitch Hurwitz, were  looking to take the well-worn situation comedy in a  new direction. The  Russo brothers’ penchant  for experimentation  seemed   the
perfect fit for Howard’s desire to get the sitcom out of the soundstage  and into the streets.
By shooting  “Arrested   Development”  on  advanced  HD cameras   and  minimizing the need  for complex lighting and crews, the brothers  not only opened up   a whole  new world  of creative possibilities but provided the style for Hurwitz’s self-conscious,
rapid-fire writing. A significant gamble for all involved, it paid off at the 2004 Emmy® Awards,    where Hurwitz   won for best  writing, the  Russo  brothers won for best directing and “Arrested  Development”  won for best comedy  series. Though  “Arrested
Development”  would  ultimately be cancefied after three seasons, few  could deny the impact or innovation that earned the series a dedicated critical and cult following.
The   Russo brothers  have also directed numerous pilot episodes  across a variety of networks, including “LAX,”   “What  About Brian,” “Carpoolers”  and “Running  Wilde.”
The duo also served  as  executive producers  on   NBC’s “Community”  and  ABC’s “Happy  Endings.”
CHRISTOPHER MARKUS & STEPHEN MCFEELY (Screenplay by) are the talented screenwriters  behind several Marvel Studios films, including “Avengers: Infinity War,”  “Captain   America: Civil  War,” “Captain   America: The   Winter Soldier,”  “Captain
America:   The First Avenger” and “Thor 2: The Dark World.”
The writing duo also penned   Michael Bay’s controversial  true-crime  film, “Pain & Gain.”  They have also taken  moviegoers to the land of Narnia for all three big-screen adventures:  “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,”  which earned    them  nominations for  the  Saturn,  Hugo  and   Humanitas    Awards;  “The Chronicles  of Narnia: Prince Caspian”; and “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage  of the   Dawn Treader.”
Markus   and   McFeely have   been  writing together  since 1995.  They  penned   the original screenplay for the critically acclaimed HBO feature “The  Life and Death  of Peter Sellers,” starring Academy     Award® winner   Geoffrey  Rush. This,  their first produced film, premiered   in competition at the 2004 Cannes  Film Festival and  went on to earn numerous   honors, including nine Emmy®  Awards.
Markus and  McFeely won  the  Emmy for outstanding writing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special,  as well as a Writers Guild Award®. Their first screenplay, “You Kill Me,”  was  directed by John Dahl in 2007,   and starred Ben Kingsley,  Tea Leoni  and Luke Wilson.
KEVIN  FEIGE (Producer)  has  been  the driving creative force behind several billion- dollar franchises  and an     unprecedented number   of blockbuster feature films, all connected   to create the Marvel  Cinematic Universe. In his current role as producer and  president of Marvel Studios, Feige  is a hands-on producer  and oversees  Marvel Studios’ feature film productions, whose 21 films  released have all opened  No. 1 at the box office  and collectively grossed over  $19  billion worldwide. Six of the MCU
films have crossed the $1  billion threshold at the global box office.
Feige  has   been  recently  honored with   two  awards for his    achievements as  a producer:  The 2019 David  0.  Selznick  Achievement  Award from the Producers  Guild of  America® and the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment  from   BAFTA (British Academy Film  Awards).
Most recently,  Feige produced   “Captain Marvel,”  the Marvel   Cinematic Universe’s first stand-alone, female-franchise title character. “Captain Marvel” opened on March 8, with an opening of over $455 million  worldwide.  The film has garnered over  $900
million since its release.
Last   summer,  Feige produced   “Ant-Man and   The  Wasp,” which  opened, on July 6, 2018, and  has   made over $622 million at the worldwide box office.
On April 27,  2018, “Avengers: Infinity Wgr” opened and broke box-office records with $250  million domestically and $630 million worldwide in its opening weekend.  Eleven days after release, the film crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide, breaking the record
for the shortest time to reach $1 billion in box-office receipts. The film’s worldwide box  office exceeds $2 billion to date, making it the highest-grossing Marvel Studios film thus far.
In  February of 2018, Feige also  produced “Black Panther,” which  continued Marvel’s  unprecedented    success.  The  blockbuster film recorded   the fifth biggest opening weekend   of all time with $202 million and has grossed over $1.3  billion worldwide to date.  In January, “Black  Panther” picked up  seven   Oscar® nominations,  including Best  Picture, and went  on to win  three Academy   Awards®:   best   costume design, best production  design and best original music  score. “Black Panther”  also won the
SAG®    (Screen  Actors Guild) Outstanding Performance  by a Cast in a Motion Picture Award.
In  2017, Feige  produced  “Thor: Ragnarok,”  which  was released  on  November  3 in the U.S. and grossed  $121 million  domestically in its opening weekend, in addition to $306 million internationally; “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which opened on May 5 with $145  million and has grossed   over $863.5 million worldwide; and  “Spider-Man: Homecoming,”  which   opened  on  July 7   and   has garnered   over  $879 million worldwide to date.
In  2016, Feige  launched  another franchise  with “Doctor Strange,” which  continued the  streak  of No. 1  openings,   and  produced “Captain   America: Civil  War,” the highest-grossing film of 2016  worldwide.  In 2015,  he launched   another successful franchise  with  “Ant-Man,” starring Paul Rudd,  and earlier that  year  he  produced  “Avengers:  Age  of Ultron,” the fourth-largest domestic opening weekend of all time. In 2014,  Feige produced   “Guardians of the Galaxy,” starring Chris Pratt, which grossed over $773  million worldwide, and “Captain America:  The Winter  Soldier,” which broke the  opening record for an April release.
In  2013, Feige  produced the megahits   “Thor The  Dark World”  and “Iron  Man 3.” In 2012,  Feige produced  the critically acclaimed “Marvel’s The Avengers,” which set an all-time domestic   three-day-weekend box-office record. The film went on to   become
Disney’s  highest-grossing global and domestic  release at the time.
In  2011, Feige  produced  and  successfully   launched two Marvel film   franchises— “Captain  America: The  First Avenger,” directed by  Joe Johnston  and starring Chris Evans,   and “Thor,” directed by  Kenneth Branagh   and starring Chris Hemsworth.  In 2010,  Feige produced   “Iron Man  2,” directed  by Jon Favreau  and  starring Robert Downey  Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.
In summer  2008,  Feige produced   the first fully developed and financed films from the new   Marvel Studios, including the blockbusters “Iron Man,” directed by Jon Favreau, and  “The Incredible Hulk,” directed by Louis Leterrier.
Feige joined Marvel  in  2000 and  served as  executive producer  on the second   and third “Spider-Man” films, which took in combined worldwide  box-office receipts of well over $1.5  billion. Feige also co-produced “X-Men   2,” the second installment of the popular  “X-Men” franchise, and executive produced   “X-Men: The  Last Stand,”  among many other Marvel-branded films.

A  graduate of the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts, Feige first worked for Lauren  Shuler Donner   and  Richard  Donner at their Warner  Bros.-based  production company,  which   released the action-adventure  “Volcano” and  the hit romantic comedy  “You’ve  Got Mail.” Feige earned his first producer credit on “X- Men,”  a film that is credited with revitalizing the comic-book genre.

LOUIS D’ESPOSITO  (Executive Producer) is  co-president of Marvel  Studios.   He served as  executive producer on the blockbuster hits “Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,”  “Captain America: The First Avenger,”   “Marvel’s The Avengers,”  “Captain   America: The Winter Soldier,” “Iron Man 3,” “Thor: The Dark World,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Ant-Man,”  “Captain   America: Civil  War,” “Doctor  Strange,”   “Guardians  of  the Galaxy,”  “Guardians  of the  Galaxy Vol. 2,”   “Spider-Man:   Homecoming,”   “Thor: Ragnarok”  and,  most recently, “Black  Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War,”  “Ant-Man and  The Wasp” and  “Captain Marvel.”  He is also  working   with  Marvel Studios’
president  Kevin  Feige on  the future  Marvel slate  that includes,   among  others, “Spider-Man:  Far From Home.”
As co-president of the studio and executive  producer on all Marvel films, D’Esposito balances  running the studio with overseeing each film from its  development stage to distribution.
In addition to executive  producing  Marvel Studios’  films, D’Esposito directed  the Marvel   One-Shot film “Item 47,” which made its debut to fans at the 2012  Comic-Con International in San  Diego   and was   featured  again  at the LA    Shorts Fest  in September   2012. The project was released as an  added feature on  the “Marvel’s The Avengers”  Blu-ray  disc. With the   success of “Item 47,”  D’Esposito directed  the second Marvel  One-Shot,   “Agent Carter,” starring Hayley Atwell, which premiered at the 2013   Comic-Con  to critical praise from the press and fans. The project is also an added  feature on the “Iron Man 3” Blu-ray disc.
D’Esposito  began his tenure at Marvel Studios in 2006. Prior to Marvel, D’Esposito’s executive-producing credits included  the 2006  hit film “The Pursuit of  Happyness,” starring Will Smith; “Zathura:  A Space  Adventure”;  and   the 2003 hit  “S.W.A.T.,” starring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell.
VICTORIA  ALONSO (Executive Producer)  currently serves  as EVP of Production for Marvel Studios, one of the very few  women in Hollywood to hold such  a title. Over the years, Alonso’s dedication to the industry has  been  admired and her  achievements recognized. In  2015, she   was   an  honoree of the  New  York   Women   in Film   & Television’s Muse Award for Outstanding  Vision  and Achievement.   She  was also the first woman to be presented  with the Harold Lloyd Award from the   Advanced  Imaging Society, which is given to a filmmaker who  has  created a body of work, and specific achievements in 3D, that advanced the motion  picture art form. In 2017, she was the first woman to be honored with the  Visionary  Award at the 15th Annual  VES   Awards for her  advancement  of unforgettable storytelling through visual effects.
A native of Buenos  Aires, Alonso began  her industry career in visual effects (first in commercials, then features), including a four-year stint at Digital Domain. She served as VFX producer on  a handful of films, notably Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven,” Tim Burton’s “Big Fish,”   Andrew Adams &  and  Vicky Jenson’s  “Shrek”  and Marvel’s own  “Iron  Man.” She won  the Visual Effects Society  (VES)  Award  for  outstanding supporting visual effects/motion picture for “Kingdom of Heaven,”  with two additional shared   nominations  (best single visual effects,  outstanding  visual effects/effects driven motion  picture) for “Iron Man.”
Upon  joining Marvel as the company’s  executive vice president of visual effects and post production, Alonso doubled as  co-producer on “Iron  Man,” a role she reprised on “Iron Man  2,” “Thor” and “Captain  America:  The  First Avenger.” She  graduated  to executive producer  on 2012’s  “Marvel’s The  Avengers”    and  has since  executive produced Marvel’s “Iron Man   3,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and  “Captain America: Civil War,” “Thor: The  Dark World,” “Avengers:    Age of Ultron,” “Ant-Man,”  “Guardians  of the   Galaxy,” “Doctor Strange,”  “Guardians  of  the  Galaxy Vol. 2,”  “Spider-Man:   Homecoming,”   “Thor: Ragnarok,”  “Black  Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Ant-Man   and The Wasp”  and “Captain  Marvel.”
Currently, Alonso is  working on   “Spider-Man: Far From  Home.” Alonso  has   been listed in The Hollywood Reporter’s Women   in Entertainment  Power  100 in both  2017 and  2018.
MICHAEL GRILLO  (Executive   Producer)  has  enjoyed  a   successful career  in filmmaking  as a  producer, studio production  executive and first assistant director. Previously for Marvel Studios, Grillo executive  produced    “Avengers: Infinity War,”
“Ant-Man”  and “Captain America:  The Winter  Soldier.”
Grillo served as a producer on the Academy  Award®—nominated     film “The Accidental Tourist,” as well as “The Trigger Effect,” “Grand Canyon”  and  “Defending Your Life.” He also served as executive  producer on the films “The   Amazing Spider-Man,”  “The Green  Hornet,”  “The Uninvited,”  “The Peacemaker,”   “Wyatt Earp,” “I Love  You  to Death” and “Silverado.”
Grillo also served as head of feature production at    DreamWorks, where  he  oversaw the films “The Terminal,”  “EuroTrip,” “Head  of State,” “Catch Me If  You Can,” “The Ring” and “Road to Perdition.”
Grillo started his career as an assistant director, and his credits include an impressive list of-films, including “The Deer Hunter,” “The   Big Chill,” “Breaking Away,”  “New York, New   York,” “Inside Moves,” “Body Heat,” “Irreconcilable  Differences,” “In the Line  of Fire,” “Heaven’s Gate,” “Fun with Dick and Jane,”  “Young Frankenstein”  and “The Towering Inferno.”
TRINH TRAN (Executive  Producer) is a development    executive at Marvel  Studios and  served as associate  producer on “Captain  America: Civil War” and as a creative executive on “Captain America: The  Winter  Soldier.”
Tran  served   as executive   producer on   the third installment  of the  “Avengers” franchise, “Avengers: Infinity War,” which was released on April 27, 2018.
JON  FAVREAU (Executive Producer  &   Happy  Hogan)    began his career in  the industry as an actor in the inspiring sports film “Rudy.” He then went on to establish himself as a writer with the acclaimed hipster comedy  “Swingers.” Since then, he has
continued to challenge himself as a filmmaker with an eclectic variety of projects. “Spider-Man:   Homecoming” as security  head and  personal chauffeur  to  Iron Man alter ego Tony Stark  (played by Robert  Downey Jr.).
Favreau’s  television credits include  a recurring role  on  “Friends”  and a special appearance   on HBO’s   “The Sopranos,” playing himself.  Favreau also added  the title of showrunner  to his multi-hyphenate  list of credits as the creator, producer and host of the critically acclaimed and Emmye-nominated IFC series “Dinner for Five.” He also executive produced   the TV series “Revolution” and “The Shannara  Chronicles.”
Among his  honors,  Favreau   received  the   Visual  Effects  Society’s lifetime achievement   award   during the 16th annual VES  Awards   in 2018. In 2016,   he was inducted  into Variety’s Home Entertainment   & Digital Hall of Fame, recognizing his role as a creative trailblazer and innovator in the world of content creation.
For  Lucasfilm, Favreau is executive  producing and  writing a live-action “Star Wars” series  called “The  Mandalorian”   for  Disney’s  new   direct-to-consumer platform. Favreau  is no stranger to  the “Star Wars” galaxy,  having  played roles in both the “Star Wars: The Clone   Wars” animated series and in “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”
Recently,  Favreau   created the “Gnomes   &  Goblins” virtual reality experience with Wevr  and Reality One.
JAMES  GUNN (Executive   Producer) is the prolific filmmaker behind some   of pop culture’s most notable feature films.
Born  and  raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Gunn  began  his career at the age of 12 by making   a zombie movie  with  an eight-millimeter camera   and an  actor, his brother Sean.
Thirty years  later, Gunn brought to  life what is now  turning into one of  the most memorable   franchises in the Marvel  Cinematic Universe, “Guardians  of the Galaxy.” Gunn   wrote  and directed  both  “Guardians of the  Galaxy”  and   “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which  have earned a  combined   $1.5 billion at the global box office. The  original was the   second-highest-grossing film of 2014 and spent five  weekends atop the  charts, a record in Marvel history, which has only been   matched by “Black Panther.” The franchise has garnered  impressive reviews  from film critics around the world,  won the Critics’ Choice Award  for best action movie  and was   nominated for three  Academy Awards®,    two GRAMMY®   Awards,  two  BAFTAs, seven    MTV  Movie Awards  and two   People’s Choice Awards, among   many  others. Gunn   was personally nominated for a WGA  Award for best adapted screenplay in 2014.
Knowing   what an   important role  music plays in a movie,   Gunn  personally  chose every song included in  the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film soundtracks. The   albums— “Awesome   Mix Vol. 1” and   “Awesome  Mix Vol. 2,” which featured pop songs from the
1960s  and ’70s—were   highly praised  by critics as being secondary characters in the films. “Awesome    Mix Vol. 1” is the first soundtrack comprised entirely of previously released  songs to ever reach the No.  1 spot on the Billboard charts. “Vol. 1” went on to become  certified platinum status; “Vol. 2” finished 2017 as the country’s eighth- highest-selling album,  with  600,000  copies,  and  has   been certified gold by the Recording  Industry Association of America.
The films are  cemented   with stellar performances  from  Chris Pratt, Zoe  Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin   Diesel, Dave Bautista, Glenn  Close and Benicio Del Toro.  Also featured  in the film is Gunn’s brother  Sean, who   played  Kraglin  and the  on-set version of Rocket. Gunn  is currently writing the third installment of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which he  is also set to direct.
Gunn  is currently in production on an untitled horror project starring Elizabeth Banks. Gunn will serve  as producer along with The H  Collective. The plot is currently under wraps.
Additionally,  Gunn released his horror  feature “The Belko  Experiment,”  which he wrote and   produced. Starring John  Gallagher Jr.,  Tony  Goldwyn, Sean Gunn  and Adria Arjona, the feature is a terrifying, provocative and at times hilarious thrill ride that provokes the question: What  does it take to survive at work? It premiered during Midnight  Madness  at the   2016  Toronto International   Film  Festival and   was immediately  acquired by Blumhouse’s  BH Tilt and Orion.
Gunn’s  love for the comedy and horror genres  coalesced in the  humorous horror film “Slither,” released by Universal in 2006. Gunn wrote  the film, which was his feature- film directorial debut and  stars Nathan Fillion and  Elizabeth  Banks.   The film is currently featured on   Rotten Tomatoes    as  one of   the Top   Ten All-Time   Best Reviewed  Horror  Films. It was   named  best  horror film of 2006  by  Rue  Morgue magazine,  and   Gunn won   a Saturn Award   and a Fangoria Chainsaw    Award for his work on the film.
Additionally, Gunn directed  the  independent  feature film “Super,” starring   Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page,  Liv Tyler and  Kevin   Bacon. It is the dark, comedic tale of  a disturbed man   who  dresses up as  a superhero  to  save his ex-wife from her  drug- dealing new boyfriend. “Super” was  an official selection at the Toronto Film Festival, was  picked up by IFC Films and is IFC’s top-selling film ever on Demand.
In 2002,  Gunn  wrote the live-action “Scooby-Doo” movie,  which  grossed over   $300 million worldwide. He   became the first screenwriter in history to write back-to-back No.-1-for-the-weekend  box-office  hits, with  the critically acclaimed,  re-imagined
“Dawn  of the Dead”  on  March 19, 2004, and    “Scooby-Doo 2:  Monsters   Unleashed” on  March 26, 2004.
Gunn  got his start in the industry while attending Columbia University. He applied for a part-time job filing papers at famed B-movie studios Troma Entertainment, and   was paid $150 to write the screenplay  for the feature “Tromeo & Juliet” instead. In 1997, “Tromeo”  became a cult hit, playing in theaters around the world, including over a year of midnight screenings in Los Angeles.
Gunn left Troma  to write  and star in (along with Rob Lowe, Thomas Haden  Church and   Jamie Kennedy)    the 2000   feature film  “The Specials,”  about a  group of superheroes  on their day off. In the same year, Bloomsbury  Press  released Gunn’s critically acclaimed novel “The Toy Collector,” the story of a hospital orderly who sells drugs to finance his escalating toy-collecting addiction.
He  also wrote, with Lloyd  Kaufman, the nonfiction  book “All I Need to Know   About Filmmaking  I Learned from the Toxic Avenger,” currently in its fifth printing.
In 2012,  Gunn  released his fist video game, “Lollipop Chainsaw,” with Suda  51  and Warner  Bros.,  on Xbox  and  PlayStation 3.  In  2008,  he created   Xbox Live’s first original content, producing seven  comedy   shows by horror directors and creating his own,   “Sparky & Mikaela.”  Gunn also  hosted the reality show “Scream    Queens” for VH1.
Gunn  lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Dr.  Wesely Von  Spears,  and his cat, Emily Monster.
The late STAN LEE (Executive Producer) was  the  founder of   POW!  Entertainment and  served as  its chairman and chief  creative officer since its inception. Known to millions as the man whose  superheroes  propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the comic-book  industry, the  late Stan Lee’s co-creations include  Spider-Man,  the Incredible Hulk, X-Men,  the Fantastic Four, Iron Man,  Daredevil,  Silver Surfer and Doctor  Strange.
Having  achieved  the title of chairman  emeritus of Marvel Media, Lee  first  became publisher of Marvel   Comics in 1972.  He  was  recognized as the creative force that brought  Marvel to  the forefront of  the comics  publishing industry. In 1977,   he introduced  Spider-Man   as a  syndicated   newspaper strip  that   became the most successful  of all syndicated  adventure strips and  now  appears  in more than   500 newspapers  worldwide—making it the longest running of all superhero strips.
From June 2001 until the formal creation of POW! in November   2001, Lee worked  to form POW! and to create intellectual property for POW! and start the development of various POW! projects.
TRENT OPALOCH  (Director   of   Photography)    broke  into   the  ranks   of  cinematographers   with  the critically acclaimed hit film “District 9.” The film was nominated   for four Academy Awards®,   including best picture. He followed by lensing the sci-fi-thriller hit “Elysium,” starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.
Most recently,  Opaloch  lensed   Marvel Studios’ “Avengers:  Infinity War,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “Captain  America: The Winter Soldier” and  Sony’s action thriller “Chappie,”  starring Hugh Jackman  and  Sigourney Weaver.
Opaloch  got his start as a cinematographer in the world of short films.
CHARLES WOOD  (Production  Designer)   began his entertainment industry career in 1991 as a visual effects art director, working on such projects as Andrew Davis’ “The Fugitive”  and “Under Siege,”  Sam   Raimi’s  “Army of  Darkness”  and  Peter  Weir’s
Segueing  to design  work, he  has  since collaborated on   projects ranging from big studio movies to independent  films. His most recent credits include  Marvel Studios’ “Avengers:  Infinity War,” “Doctor Strange,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Thor:  The Dark  World,”   Jonathan Liebesman’s   “Wrath of the Titans,” Joe   Carnahan’s  “The   A-Team,”  Andy ‘Tennant’s  “Fool’s Gold,”  Michael   Apted’s  “Amazing  Grace,” and “Flyboys,” directed by Tony Bill.
Earlier credits include Peter Howitt’s “Laws of Attraction,” “The Italian Job,” directed by F. Gary Gray, and   Stephen Kay’s “Get Carter.”
Wood   earned   an Emmy®    Award     nomination  in 2000  for the television  movie “Geppetto”  and a 2007 Satellite Award nomination for “Amazing Grace.”
JEFFREY FORD,   ACE (Editor) was born  in Novato, California, and attended  the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television.
He  began his filmmaking career in 1994,  working as an  editorial assistant on James Gray’s debut feature film, “Little Odessa.” He went on to work as  an assistant editor on several feature films, including the Academy Award®—nominated  “As Good as It Gets” for editor Richard Marks and director James L. Brooks.
Ford’s first feature as  editor was  “The  Yards” for director   James Gray,   which premiered in competition at the Cannes  International Film Festival in 2000. He edited “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” for Harry  Shearer,  “One Hour   Photo”  for  Mark   Romanek (garnering a Satellite Award nomination for editing,) “Hide and Seek” for John Poison, “The Family   Stone” for Thomas    Bezucha   (his work  receiving   an A.C.E.  Eddie nomination) and  “Street Kings” for David Ayer. He also edited “Shattered Glass” and “Breach” for director Billy Ray.
Most recently, Ford edited Marvel Studios’ “Avengers:  Infinity War,” “Doctor Strange,”  “Captain  America: Civil War,” “Avengers:   Age   of Ultron,” “Captain America:  The Winter Soldier,” “Iron  Man 3,” “The  Avengers” and  “Captain   America: The First Avenger.” He  also edited   “Monte Carlo,” “Crazy Heart,” Universal Pictures’ “Public Enemies,”   Fox  Searchlight’s   “Crazy  Heart’   and    Shane Dax  Taylor’s indie “Bloodworth.”
MATTHEW  SCHMIDT   (Editor) was born in  Asmara,  Ethiopia, in 1971. He began his filmmaking  career in  1989  as  a set  production assistant   on the  film “Days of Thunder,” directed by  Tony Scott. Schmidt  then studied film at Augusta University in Augusta,  Georgia, and in 1996 he  landed a job as an  assistant editor on the Robert Zemeckis film “Contact.”
Over the past  two decades  he worked  as an assistant editor on  more than 15 major motion pictures, including  “A Perfect Murder,” “I, Robot,” “Defiance” and “Marvel’s The Avengers.”
His first editor job was for Marvel Studios on the Joe and    Anthony Russo-directed “Captain  America: The Winter  Soldier” with  co-editor Jeffrey Ford,   ACE.  Most recently, he worked with Ford  again as editor on Marvel Studios’ “Avengers:  Infinity War” and  “Captain America: Civil War,” and with Ford and Lisa  Lassek on “Avengers: Age  of Ultron” as an associate editor for director Joss Whedon.
Schmidt  lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.
JUDIANNA  MAKOVSKY   (Costume  De.signer)  is a three-time Academy  Award® nominee for her  work on the films “Seabiscuit,” “Pleasantville” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” for which she was also nominated  for a BAFTA  Award.
Makovsky   has  had a long and distinguished career, lending her outstanding  costume design work  to over 30 films, which include:  “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Guardians of the  Galaxy Vol. 2,”  “Captain America:  Civil War,”  “Captain America:   The  Winter Soldier,” “Earth to Echo,” “The Hunger Games,”  “Trespass,” “The  Last Airbender,” “National  Treasure:   Book of Secrets,”  “Mr. Brooks,”  “X-Men:   The  Last  Stand,”  “National  Treasure,”  “The  Legend  of   Bagger  Vance,” “For   Love of  the  Game,”  “Gloria,” “Practical Magic,” “Great Expectations,”   “The Devil’s Advocate,” “Lolita,”  “White Squall,” “The Specialist,” “The Ref,” “Six Degrees of Separation,” “Reversal of
Fortune,” “Lost Angels” and “Big.”
DAN  DELEEUW (Visual Effects Supervisor) re-teams with the  Russo brothers  where he  has  served  as visual effects supervisor  on “Avengers: Infinity War,”  “Captain America:  Civil War” and  “Captain America: The   Winter Soldier.”  DeLeeuw has  been nominated  for an   Academy  Award® twice, most  recently for his work  on “Avengers: Infinity War” and in 2015 for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”
DeLeeuw    has  also served  as visual effects supervisor on the films  “Night at the Museum:   Battle of the Smithsonian,”  “Night at the Museum,”   “The Skeleton  Key,”  “Elektra,” “Garfield,” “Reign of Fire” and “102 Dalmatians.” He also served as 2nd unit visual effects supervisor on “Iron Man 3.”
Previously,  DeLeeuw    served  as digital effects supervisor on “Bicentennial  Man,” “Armageddon,”   “Deep Rising,” “The Rock”  and “Crimson Tide.”
ALAN SILVESTRI (Music By) has created the scores for some of the most  acclaimed and successful films in  Hollywood history, earning him two Oscar®   nominations, two Golden  Globe®  nominations, two Emmy@     Awards,  three GRAMMY®     Awards    and
five more  GRAMMY nominations over the   course of his decades-long  composing career.
Silvestri garnered both of his Oscar®  and Golden Globe®  Award  nominations for his work  on  Robert  Zemeckis—directed films: the first of each for the indelible score for best  picture Oscar winner “Forrest Gump,” for which  he also received a  GRAMMY®
nomination;  and the second  for “The Polar Express,” in the category of best song, for “Believe.” He also  won his third GRAMMY   Award  for “Believe.”
He  began  his long association with  Zemeckis on the hit  “Romancing the Stone”  and went  on to collaborate with  the director on the blockbuster  “Back to  the Future” trilogy, earning two GRAMMY®   nominations, for  best soundtrack   album and  best instrumental  composition; “Who Framed  Roger Rabbit,” for which he again received two  GRAMMY  nominations in the same  categories; “Death Becomes  Her”; “Contact”; “What Lies Beneath”; “Cast  Away,” winning another  GRAMMY  Award for instrumental
composition;   “The Polar  Express”; “Beowulf”;  “A  Christmas Carol”; “Flight”; “The Walk”; and “Allied.”

In all, he has scored well over 100 feature films of every imaginable genre, including the “Night at the  Museum” films; “The 2,roods”; “Marvel’s The  Avengers”;  “Captain America:  The First  Avenger”; “Van He!sing”; “Stuart Little” and “Stuart Little 2”; “The Mummy Returns”; “The   Mexican”; “What     Women Want”; “Practical  Magic”;  “The Parent Trap”;  “Grumpy  Old  Men” and  “Grumpier Old  Men”; “Father  of the Bride” and “Father of the Bride Part  II”; “The Quick and the Dead”; “The  Bodyguard,” for which he  won his  first GRAMMY®     Award   for  best   soundtrack album;  “The  Abyss”;  “Avengers:  Infinity War”; and “Predator,” to name only a portion.

For his television work, Silvestri won dual Emmy®  Awards in 2014, for outstanding music  composition  and  outstanding  original main title  theme, for  his music for “Cosmos: A  Spacetime Odyssey.”
Born  in New York City  and raised in Teaneck, New  Jersey, Silvestri spent two years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston  before coming to Hollywood.  He  launched his film composing   career in 1972 on “The   Doberman   Gang”  and  its sequel, “The Amazing Dobermans.”
DAVE JORDAN (Music  Supervisor)  is  the founder,  CEO  and  creative leader of Format  Entertainment.
Jordan began  his career in the record industry but soon transitioned to become  one of Hollywood’s    most sought-after theatrical music   supervisors.  Jordan’s  music supervision credits include some of the  most successful film franchises in the world, including “Black  Panther,” “Thor,” “Spider-Man,”   “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Iron Man,” “Marvel’s The Avengers,”  “Transformers” and  many more.
In 2001,  Jordan founded Format  Entertainment as  a collaborative workplace for like- minded  music   supervisors  to share ideas,   experience  and pool  resources.  The success  of this model  has   allowed Format  to  grow  and  evolve  into the  largest collection of theatrical and television music supervisors   working  in the  industry. Format’s spectrum  of clients consists of some  of the most  recognizable names  in entertainment, media, advertising and   consumer  goods, including  Marvel Studios, Warner  Bros. Consumer   Products,  Mattel and  marquee  projects such as “Captain America: Civil War,” “Straight Outta  Compton,”  “Empire”  and many  Barbie  and  DC Super Hero Girls brand campaigns.
Format’s   music supervision  efforts  have yielded  several  chart-topping  albums, including No. 1 spots for the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Empire” and “Pitch Perfect” soundtracks,  and just recently Format soundtracks  occupied an   unprecedented four of the top five positions on the Billboard charts. Format  has  won  several Guild of Music  Supervisors Awards,  received multiple    GRAMMY®  and Emmy®   nominations and twice won the  American Music Award  for best  soundtrack (“Pitch Perfect” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks”).
Recognizing   a void in the  industry and  an opportunity  he could deliver against, Jordan incorporated an internal music creation business  under  the Format umbrella. This business is signing exciting new talent while remaining geared toward providing a  seamless  and efficient experience for the film, television and brand communities, resulting in major placements on shows   such as  “Better Call Saul,” “Girls” and “How to Get Away   with  Murder” and in   campaigns for brands  such  as BMW,  Procter & Gamble  and  McDonald’s.
Jordan and  several   members of the Formeat team serve on the board of governors  for the GRAMMY®  committee in Los Angeles, contributing to advocacy,  education and human   services   programs to improve  the cultural condition  and quality of life for music and its makers.